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Posted - November 13, 2017

Metro Tint Texas works with property managers, building engineers and facilities managers who want the best office window tinting in Dallas Texas.

When you want to be more comfortable in your Dallas home or office, our award-winning 3M Window Films are a popular choice.  We give you options. You can choose our high-performance Prestige Series of Window Films that won’t change the look of your building. Or maybe our standout Night Vision series of dual reflective window films or the more traditional “classic” reflective films you know you will be getting the best in terms of performance, looks and long life.

Our Prestige Series window films are high performance, high visible light transmission films.  Less reflective than glass and containing no metals, they are ideal for owners, architects and managers who want the best – high performance without changing the look of their building.

3M Prestige window films are applied to more historic homes and buildings than any other window film.

The 3M Night Vision series is a premium dual reflective window film for those times when you need more aggressive heat and sun control.  Less reflective on the inside of your window, Night Vision window films allow you to see out more easily at night (hence the name). Plus films have a warm color that reduces eyestrain, making you more comfortable, cool and productive.

3M Window Films | Office Window Tinting

3M Night Vision, always a good choice.

3M “Classic” series reflective and neutral window films are ideal when you want “value for money”. These older technology films give you amazing heat rejecting performance without breaking the bank.  This is the film series of choice for commercial and industrial customers.

Choose Metro Tint Texas for your Office Window Tinting

We have been providing office window tinting installation services for more than 15 years. We have the experience to help you select the window film for your office or business that gives you the performance, look, and the price you’re looking for.

Metro Tint Texas works with your schedule and ensure the experience, both before and after the sale, are ideal.  When you need office window tint, or simply want to know your options, give us a call at 800-297-3862.

Metro Tint Texas, we’re here to help.

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