BulletProof Window Film for Security?

Posted - November 7, 2017

Bulletproof window film?  Whenever there is a high profile shooting we get calls from people looking to bulletproof their glass doors and windows. It makes sense because we all want to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our property from all the crazy out there.

The bad news – window film alone is not, in and of itself, bullet resistant. You cannot simply apply a window film to your glass and voila! – make it bulletproof. Most building glass is thin, weak and not designed to withstand the force of a bullet.

But the news isn’t all bad.  Window film can make you more secure.  In the right set of circumstances, it can even provide you with a certain level of bullet resistance.  It’s simply a matter of knowing what threat you want to defend against and the options available to you to counter that threat.

More than Bulletproof Window Film

Metro Tint Texas specializes in providing you with the right security solution for your situation.  When it comes to protecting your glass windows and doors we take a tiered approach.  This way you have options to fit both your budget and threat level.

3M Security Window Film

3M Security window film is the most basic level of protection.  Designed to hold broken glass together under impact these films delay, deter and deny entry through your glass. If the threat can’t get into your building, they can’t cause as much damage.  This gives you time to react, to take shelter and for help to arrive.

3M Security Window Film

Riot Glass™

For larger threats and to resist sustained assaults we offer Riot Glass™ Products.  Available in various strengths, Riot Glass™ replaces your existing glass with virtually unbreakable Riot Glass™ panels.  These range from laminated glass made with our exclusive Thermoplastic inner-layer to our virtually unbreakable RG panels.

Bullet Resistant Glass | C-Bond II Ballistic Protection

Single or dual pane options are custom made for your window openings and range from 1/4″ thick to a 1″ insulated glass unit (IGU). We manufacture the panels at our factory and install them at your location.  Because we use your existing framing and hardware there is minimal inconvenience or disruption to your home, office or business.

Once the windows are ready, most installations are completed in only 1-2 days. Your windows are never left unprotected or boarded up overnight. We remove and replace each of your windows with the new security panel one at a time.  Any remaining window will have the existing glass should we need to return the next day to complete the work.  You can learn more about Riot Glass here.

Bullet Resistant Options

Metro Tint Texas offers two tested bullet resistant solutions – Riot GlassTM and C-Bond II. Each has its own strengths, weaknesses and cost options.  Which system is best for you depends on your unique situation. So think beyond bulletproof window film when you want protection and security.  Metro Tint texas is there when you want to make the informed choice.

If you need or are interested in a bullet-resistant solution call us at 800-297-3862 to speak with one of our security consultants.

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