Commercial Building Window Tinting Dallas

Posted - November 22, 2017

Commercial Building Window Tinting = A fast, effective and “cool” way to make your building better.

If you’re a building owner, manager or facility engineer you know how stressful it can be to run your building.  You face constant demands to lower costs, reduce energy use and improve the bottom line. And you must do it with less people and fewer resources.

Meeting these demands with less resources is tough.  Fortunately, there are building energy solutions out there that are easy to apply, affordable and that pay for themselves quickly.

Window film is a technology that can help you.  It reduces air conditioning loads by rejecting solar heat gain through your building’s windows.

Commercial Building Window Tinting Can Add Air Conditioning Capacity without the Equipment

Here’s a fun fact. Every 100 square feet of window film installed on your building can deliver the same cooling effect as one ton of air conditioning!

Energy Saving Window Film

Today’s window films make it easy and affordable to cool you home, office or business.

It does it by keeping the sun’s heat out of your building.  So, installing window film on 1000 ft2 of glass is the same as adding a 10-ton air conditioning unit – for a fraction of the cost.

And it doesn’t need maintenance, require electricity or break down.

It not only seems like a good deal. It is a good deal.

We can tell you how much you’ll save

Metro Tint Texas provides building modeling, site assessments, sampling, data logging and window film installation services for property owners, managers and engineers throughout the United States.

We survey your building, construct a software model of the building envelope and factor in your utility costs. After this we can superimpose any number of window films onto your glass and calculate your estimated energy savings.

We can do this as part of our proposal process or as a third-party consultant.  Whatever works best for you and your situation – the choice is yours.

Why wait? You can start saving money today by applying window tint to your building. Call 800-297-3862 or click here to send your contact details to Metro Tint