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Posted - October 23, 2018

Many people want to stop the heat coming through their windows without changing the look of the glass. They don’t want reflective windows that look like mirrors or are overly dark. What they want is a clear window film that stops the heat and lets in the light.

That used to be a tall order. Older window film technologies couldn’t deliver high heat rejection without forfeiting light. You had to go dark and reflective when you wanted high heat rejection.

Homes designed with lots of glass would look gloomy and uninviting.

Tenants in commercial buildings had to add more lighting, especially on cloudy days.

No more.

Today’s modern window films are what we call “spectrally-selective”. Using nanotechnology these films are designed to target and block the infrared part of the light spectrum.

Prestige Window Film | 3M Window Film

Eliminating this “invisible heat” means you can stop the heat without dark, reflective tint.

Now you can take advantage of “Daylighting”, a fancy term for using sunlight instead of electricity to light up a room. This is one-way window film lowers your energy costs.
And that’s not all. Numerous studies show sunlight makes us happier, healthier and more productive.

How you can stop the sun with clear window film

Modern nanotechnology films like the 3M Prestige Series block IR heat to give you superior performance and longevity. Available in a wide range of visible light transmissions (VLT’s), you select how much visible light you prefer.

Advantages of the 3M Prestige Series includes:

• Prestige films are non-reflective and meet all HOA and deed restrictions.
• A unique property of the Prestige technology means they work better than competitive films when the sun is at an angle. You get more bang for your buck when the sun is in the sky.
• There are no metals in these films, so they won’t block or interfere with electromagnetic, RF or TV signals
• The 3M Prestige window films are incredibly clear and come with the hardest scratch protection in the industry.

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