Do you have a nosy neighbor?

Posted - October 15, 2018

Do you have a nosy neighbor? You know, someone who makes your business their business. Sometimes it’s intentional. Some people like to spy on other people. We call them looky-loos or peeping Tom’s. They peer through your windows and open doors hoping to see something juicy or exciting.

Other times it’s not intentional. More and more houses are built close together these days. Oftentimes your windows are just a few feet away from their windows.

You can’t help but see into your neighbor’s home…and they can’t help but see into yours. If you’re comfortable with this, no problem. You see it on the news and online – there is no privacy these days. That’s just another one of the things we need to give up in this new, modern world.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s an easy way to keep out your nosy neighbor

The best way to keep someone from looking into your windows is to install blinds and curtains and keep them closed.

It’s effective. People can’t see in when the blinds and shades are closed. The problem – you can’t see out either.

You’re trading your view, and natural sunlight, for privacy. For some folks, this is a fair trade. If you’re one of them no problem.

But what if you want to save your view, let in the sun’s natural light and keep out those prying eyes?

Luckily, we have an answer to that.

Privacy Window Films give you daytime privacy and let you keep the view.

Home Window Tinting for Privacy | Frosted Film

Applying a privacy window film is a great way to keep people from looking into your home in the daytime. And you’ll still be able to see outside.

  • You’ll keep your view.
  • You’ll be able to let the sunshine in.
  • Best of all, no more nosy neighbors, peeping toms and looky-loos.

Metro Tint Texas has a wide selection of privacy window films. We give you options in terms of color, darkness level and reflectiveness (how “mirror-like” the film looks). We also have frosted films and other translucent options as well as opaque films like Blackout and Whiteout..

When you want more privacy in your home, give us a call at 214-347-4363. Well take a look at your situation, learn what you want to do and then show you the options available.

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