Home Window Tinting in Corinth Texas

Posted - October 1, 2018

If you need home window tinting in Corinth Texas Metro Tint Texas can help.

Our crack window film installation teams were in Corinth last week installing the premium 3M Night Vision film for our client. He wanted less heat and glare combined with daytime privacy. This is a perfect application for 3M Night Vision 15, our premium dual reflective window film.

They were especially concerned with reducing the light coming into their home from the high windows in their living room and above the front door.

Home Window Tinting in Corinth Texas
Reducing light and heat coming through high windows

They also wanted to be able to open their blinds in the daytime without people being able to see inside the house,

In other words, they wanted a privacy film.

3M Night Vision is great choice for Home Window Tinting in Corinth Texas

Luckily our 3M Night Vision delivers on all counts. The Night Vision 15 window film:

  • Makes your home more comfortable because it reduces solar heat gain by up to 72%
  • Reduces light and glare to creates a more pleasant environment inside your home
  • Delivers excellent daytime privacy. Your neighbors would be able to see inside.
  • Is less reflective (shiny) than competitive equivalents. Your windows won’t look like mirrors.
  • Will look good and last a long time because it has the strongest scratch coat in the industry.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty backed by the financial strength of the 3M Company.
Home Window Film Installation Corinth Texas
Home Window Film Installation – Living Room Window

Window Tint makes your home better

Want a more comfortable and energy efficient home? Window Film is the easy, fast and affordable way to do so. And the results are immediate.When our installation crews are finished you will have a more comfortable home. 

For a free estimate call us at 214-347-4363 to schedule an appointment. We’ll show the different films available and let you choose the look you want.

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