How Do Bulletproof Windows Work

Bulletproof windows are not a simple item, mainly because bulletproof glass is not necessarily composed solely of “glass”. Bulletproof windows consist of a combination of various elements (clear plastics, polycarbonate or acrylic). The mixture of various materials helps to make the windows strong and efficient.

How Do Bulletproof Windows Work?

First of all, it is important to mention that bulletproof glass is completely different from ordinary glass. Bulletproof windows are made with layers of polycarbonate (a very strong type of plastic). This type of window is super heavy, and also the glass is 10 times thicker than ordinary glass.

When a bullet hits a bulletproof glass pane, the energy caused by the bullet’s impact spreads through the many layers of the glass. Because the energy is properly distributed throughout the glass, the energy is literally absorbed quickly.

Moreover, thanks to this energy absorption, the bullet loses speed. In fact, some glass panels may shatter, but the different layers of polycarbonate prevent the glass from shattering in different directions.

So, all this indicates that a bulletproof glass has the ability to stop the impact of a bullet. But this all depends on the number of layers the glass has. This means that, if the glass is laminated with more layers, the glass would be more resistant.

However, it is also important to note that a bulletproof window functions correctly depending on the type of bullet. This means that, different projectiles can be fired by the same gun. But the effects caused on the glass are very different.

Also, remember that there are different types of bulletproof windows. There is asymmetrical and symmetrical bulletproof glass. Although both glasses function the same, there is a slight difference. Asymmetrical bulletproof glass offers only one-sided protection. Symmetrical bulletproof glass offers protection on both sides. In addition, asymmetrical glass is more difficult to install, but is less heavy.

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