How to Protect Dallas Retail Stores from Crime

Posted - November 14, 2017

Let’s face it, retail stores are targets for criminals. Browse through the newspaper or, who are we kidding, scroll online and you’ll read about retail stores being broken into.

The reason you see so many retail stores broken into should be obvious.  They are easy targets.  Sure, they aren’t all easy. Gun stores, jewelry stores, and pharmacies are sometimes very hard targets.  In fact, I’ve seen stores in South Central Los Angeles built like Fort Apache, with bars, rolldown shutters and alarm systems out the wazoo.

These stores still get hit.  Why, because the stuff inside is valuable. Criminals want access to guns, drugs and high-value items like jewelry. And they want it bad enough to organize, plan and execute very well thought out attacks on these stores.

And that’s what they are, attacks.

Every Retail Store is a Target

There are 3, 721, 693 retail stores currently in the United States.  Most of them don’t sell guns, drugs or liquor so they are probably safe right? Sadly, that is not the case.

Every retail store has a cash register, computers and some sort of merchandise. You might think this doesn’t add to much money, that it’s not worth the risk for someone to break in and rob you.

Retail Store DallasThe truth is your store may be a more attractive target. You won’t be as prepared to keep a burglar out as the obvious targets.

It’s a question of risk versus reward.  It’s much easier to break into your store and rob it without getting caught.

How you can Protect Your Retail Store

But you can take some basic measures to protect yourself.  It goes without saying you need good locks and an alarm system.  Those are mandatory.  If you don’t have them get them.

The next thing to consider is beefing up your door and windows.  Most retail stores have glass doors and windows.  They help display your goods and services and let in light, which makes your store more welcoming and warm.

But these are weak points in your store’s perimeter. Most break-ins occur through the front door, a whopping 63%. Of course, people are used to going in and out through doors so it’s only natural that’s the first place they try.

If your door is easy to get through you need to change that.  We recommend security window film with a good attachment system.  For most businesses, security film will provide adequate protection.

When this isn’t enough, or if your one of those people who want the best protection and doesn’t like to mess around, we offer Riot GlassTM. This is the ultimate in glass door protection.

Next, consider your windows.  Windows are the second most likely point of entry after the doors, especially if the window is located somewhere hidden from view or where the robber can be concealed.

Sidelights, those windows next to the door, are also likely targets. If you have one of those situations where someone can break a window, reach around and open the door, it goes without saying that you should beef up the protection level of these windows.

Metro Tint Texas can help you Protect your Retail Store

Protection for Retail Stores | 3M Security Window Film

Metro Tint Texas has been providing retail store security solutions for more than 15 years. We are an authorized 3M Window Film Dealer, a Madico SafetyShield Dealer, C-Bond Dealer and Riot GlassTM dealer. Our systems have protected stores and businesses around the world.

We can help you protect your business. Whether you’re looking for consulting services and a recommendation, security window film installation services or project management of a complete security system we can help you.

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