How to Protect Your Home from Sun Damage

Posted - January 24, 2018

One of the good things about living in Texas is the sun. No dark gray skies for us. Most of the time, even in Winter, we are blessed with sunlight.

But that doesn’t do your hardwood floors, your fabrics, and any artwork any good.

Window Film is your best protection against sun damage

Fading, discoloration and sun damage is the price you pay for all that sunlight pouring through your windows. In fact, any source of visible light will cause fading.

The biggest culprit is ultraviolet (UV) light. It causes about 40% of sun damage. And it’s there when sunlight is coming through your windows, even on a cloudy day.

The other two main factors causing sun damage are visible light and heat. Each cause about 25% of the deterioration.

This is what causes sun damage

The more exposed your floors and furniture are to sunlight, the faster the damage.

But who wants to live with the blinds and curtains closed all the time? You want natural light. And you want to keep your view. That’s why you have windows in your home.

It’s an evil trade-off – letting in the light prematurely ages your valuables. The other option is to keep your window treatments closed. But is that really an option?

And what if you have skylights or arched windows? Window treatments for these are expensive aren’t always feasible. And because these let in a lot of light and heat they can cause a lot of sun damage. And they raise your cooling bills in the summertime.

“But wait, I have new energy efficient Low-E Windows.”

Today’s new windows are constructed with insulation in mind. They are designed to keep heat inside your home. They are not as effective at keeping solar heat out. For this reason, they don’t do a good job of protecting your things.

Windows may block 80% – 85% of UV rays. That isn’t enough. If you are serious about protecting your floors, furniture, and artwork from fading you need to eliminate as much UV light as possible.

window film will reduce glare and sun damage

There is a solution – window film. Window film protects your valuables against sun damage by attacking the three major causes of damage – UV light, visible light, and heat. Good quality window films eliminate 99.9% of the harmful UV rays and up to 75% of the solar heat coming through your windows.

As for visible light, it’s up to you. You can choose from dark “limo-type” tint to clear films that let in most of the light. The choice is yours.

Solar control window film will also reduce the uncomfortable glare you get from having too much sunlight. Check out the picture below and notice how much easier the tinted portion is on the eyes. Imagine how much easier it will be to watch TV, work on your computer or enjoy the look outside.

And because solar control window films lower your energy bills, they pay for themselves over time.

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