Before Replacing Your Windows Consider This

Posted - November 20, 2017

Considering replacing your windows to make your home or business more energy efficient? Colder winter temperatures are here. Heating costs are on the rise. And you want to be more comfortable without having to run the heater all the time.

The #1 Reason for Replacing your Windows is to Save Energy

According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, adding insulation to your home will save energy and improve comfort.  And because well-insulated homes are more energy efficient, it’s often the first step people take.

Even newer homes can benefit from better insulation.

The first step is to eliminate air leaks. Then look at adding insulation to the walls, roof, attic, and basement. That’s what everyone does.

But what about your windows? From an insulation standpoint, windows are the weak point in your building envelope. The heat leaks out of your home through your windows in the wintertime.

Stop Window Heat Leakage | 3M Thinsulate Window Film | Replacing Your Windows

Thermal Image of the House

Up till now the only way to insulate your windows was to replace them with new, more efficient windows. You can upgrade your windows from a single pane of glass to two or three panes. A Low-E coating can be added as well. Finally, these high-tech windows use a variety of gases to fill the spaces between the panes of glass.

No question about it, these windows will improve the energy efficiency of your home or business.  They are an important part of today’s “green home”. But there are challenges

The Dark Side of Window Replacement

The number one issue with swapping out the newer windows for your existing windows is the high cost. The fancier and more high-tech the window, the more it’s going to cost you. Other challenges with new windows include:

  • Installation problems.
  • Seal failure of multiple pane windows
  • Gas leakage

And don’t forget, these cost a lot of money. Because it costs a lot of money

There’s a better way to insulate your Windows

3M Thinsulate Window Film was developed to give you a way to insulate your windows without the cost and hassle of replacing them.

Studies have shown 3M Thinsulate Window Film can reduce heat loss by up to 38%. It’s like transforming single pane glass into double pane glass and double pane into triple paned glass.

And you’ll be able to do it for a fraction of the cost of replacement windows. That means it’s a smart alternative to replacing your windows when you want to save energy.

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