How to use Home Window Tinting for Privacy

Posted - January 4, 2018


Homes are built closer together these days. Many times you’ll have neighbors who can look right into your home. Who wants that? In the Dallas area, we get calls all the time from people interested in using home window tinting for privacy.

And that’s a great idea. Given the right circumstances, window film is an excellent way to give yourself daytime privacy.

And here are some important things you need to know about privacy window films:

You have a choice of two types of privacy with Window Film:

Daytime Privacy – This is where people can’t see in through the windows in the daytime.

Most dark and/or reflective window films will give you privacy during the day. You’ll be able to see out, but they can’t see you.

The bad news…

At night it flips around. People outside can see in while the people inside will have trouble seeing out.

Privacy Window Film | Dallas fort Worth Plano

You can see this in many large buildings. During the day you can’t see in through the windows. At night you can see everything.

It’s the same with applying a privacy window film. It has to do with the difference in brightness on both sides of the window. While there are workarounds – like the 3M Night Vision series – this can be a challenge if you need privacy both day and night.

There are two things you need to do for window privacy:

First, they apply home window tinting for privacy during the day. They can keep the blinds open and people can’t see in.

Secondly, when it gets dark outside, they close the blinds or curtains. Of course, this adds privacy. It also saves energy.

Frosted Films Provide All Day Privacy

Full-Time Privacy can be achieved by using frosted window films and other decorative film options.

You can use this for areas where you don’t want people to see through the windows at any time of the day. They can’t see in and you can’t see out.

These are very effective and can add a decorative touch. This is a good solution for bathrooms, conference rooms or offices.

Home Window Tinting for Privacy | Frosted FilmMetro Tint Texas makes it easy for you to achieve privacy. We can install home window tinting for privacy for you. Choose from one of our standard privacy films or from our large selection of specialized and custom privacy solutions.

We offer a complete portfolio of designer privacy films from the leading window film manufacturers.

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