Building too Hot? Try Window Film Dallas Texas

Posted - November 2, 2017

Need window film Dallas Texas? Metro Tint Texas provides residential and commercial window film installation throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  You get a lot of benefits when you apply window film to your windows.  The number one reason commercial buildings and property managers apply window film is to reduce the solar heat coming into the building.  The phrase most commonly used is “Tenant Comfort”.  When window film is installed, or old, worn out window film is replaced, your tenants will be much more comfortable.

All day long, from sunrise to sunset, solar heat is entering your building.  The windows facing south get the worst of it. If you’re home, office or business has too much sun, we can help.  Getting complaints from your tenants and lessee’s that they are either too hot or too cold?  We can help there too.

Your Best Way to Cool Down a Building – Window Film Dallas Texas

Reduce building heat | Window Film Dallas Texas

Several studies have shown window film to have one of the fastest ROI (Return-on-Investment) of any building improvement.  Typical payback is 2-3 years although we have seen paybacks as quick as 6 months.  It’s like money in the bank, although your window film will be a better investment than your savings account!

Window Film is the easy and fast solution to the problem of too much heat coming into your building.  It instantly improves the glass in your windows and makes them more energy efficient.  This means your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard and your tenants will be cooler sitting next to the windows.  Everyone will think your awesome.

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