Windshield Impact Protection – NanoShield by C-Bond Systems.

Posted - December 11, 2017

Imagine yourself cruising down the highway on a bright, sunny day. Windows down, music blaring as you’re passing cars and enjoying the day. Things are going well when suddenly – CRACK – a rock thrown from the truck in front of you smacks into your windshield.

How do you feel?

Most likely it depends on how bad the crack is. If it’s just a chip you can probably get it repaired. Repair it quick enough – before the chip has time to grow into a crack and then a major fissure – it’s not too expensive.

But a major crack, one of those star shaped cracks more than two inches in diameter, and you’re looking at a possible windshield replacement. That will cost you time, money and hassle.

NanoShield Windshield Impact Protection

You do have another choice. You can protect your windshield with Nanoshield Glass Strengthener. Nanoshield will make your windshield stronger and more flexible. Instead of cracking, the rock will bounce off and you can go on your way.

No hassle, no time lost and no windshield replacement.

It works. In a recent field test, Nanoshield reduced windshield replacements by 63% and repairs by 83.1%.

It’s hydrophobic. That means it repels water to increase visibility during rain, snow, and other bad weather.

It’s also persistent. Each application will last for an entire year. You won’t have to re-apply it every few weeks unlike other rain-repellent products out on the market.

Nanoshield – No Risk to you

It’s risk-free. When applied by an authorized Nanoshield dealer it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Should your windshield chip or crack within one year after application you get your money back. That’s a good deal.

Nanoshield windshield impact protection will protect your car. Contact Metro Tint Texas today to learn more and to schedule an application.

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