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Posted - October 22, 2019
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Interested in rejecting as much solar heat coming through your windows without changing the look of your glass? Choose 3M Exterior Prestige Window Film. These films are hands down, the best performing high heat rejection, high visible light transmission window films on the market today.

We often get asked, “Does the film go on the inside or the outside”? Do you know?

Most of the time it goes on the inside. Interior applied films last longer, are easier to install and are not exposed to the weather. Because of this they usually come with longer warranties, including a lifetime warranty for residential applications.

Because they are exposed to the weather and are harder to install, window films installed on the outside are reserved for those situations where interior films can’t be used. The usual places exterior film is used include blocked and hard to access windows as well as skylights, atriums, and triple-pane glass.

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Exterior Prestige films save more money

But exterior applied window films perform better. Because they reflect and absorb the sun’s energy before it gets to the glass they are far more effective at stopping the sun’s energy than interior films. They are also safer for the glass, with a much lower chance of breaking the glass from thermal stress. Why then, haven’t they been used more often?

Simple. Exterior films, because they are exposed directly to rain, wind and sun, simply didn’t last as long. They also tend to be highly reflective, need to be edge sealed to prevent water intrusion, and, being metalized, are subject to corrosion.

Exterior films cost more to install, requiring a larger upfront investment. Combine this with the shorter lifespan of traditional exterior films and it’s no wonder they’re only used for in special applications.

But things are different now. Thanks to new technological developments there is a class of exterior films you need to consider for your next window film project.

3M Exterior Prestige Window Film – a game-changer

The world of exterior window film changed with the introduction of 3M’s Exterior Prestige line of window films. Stated plainly, they are the longest-lasting highest energy rejection, high light transmission exterior films in the world today.
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Reasons you might want to consider 3M Exterior Prestige films for your building:

  • You get some of the highest solar heat reduction and energy savings available from a window film today – even on high-performance triple-pane or Low E glass.
  • Because these films have the highest level of Luminous efficacy (the ratio of visible light transmission to Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) you get energy savings from both solar heat reduction and day-lighting.
  • Your windows won’t look like mirrors as these films have little to no reflectivity
  • Prestige films do not contain any metals so they won’t corrode or interfere with electronic signals.
  • Choose your look from a wide range of visible light transmissions – from the virtually clear PR-X90 to the dark, privacy providing PR-X20.

Transform your dual-pane glass into super high-performance glass

The easiest first step to a greener, more energy-efficient building is to upgrade the energy efficiency of your glass. You’ll decrease your energy usage, preserve the life of your HVAC system, and lower your carbon footprint. Exterior Prestige window film gives you the ability to do this quickly, easily and for far less money than with new windows.

When installed on double or triple-pane glass Exterior Prestige Window Films hold the heat on the outer pane, improving tenant comfort and reducing the risk of thermal breakage.

If you have dual-pane glass on your building, even LowE windows, the energy savings from installing the 3M Exterior Prestige Window Film can be phenomenal. It can pay for itself in as little as two years or less.

Here are situations where you might want to consider using exterior-applied window film:

  • Wired Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Double & Triple Pane glass
  • Difficult to reach glass – atrium’s, skylights or glass blocked on the inside
  • Glass with a poor history of glass breakage
  • Retail stores that apply interior signage
  • Ceramic fritted glass surface on the inside
  • Office areas where the desks and workstations are fastened near the glass

Metro Tint Texas are experienced professional exterior window film installers

Exterior Prestige Window Film Installation

Exterior films are tougher to apply than standard interior applied window films. You want trained, professional installers experienced with the nuances of installing film on the outside. The films use more aggressive adhesives, the windows need to be cleaned better and wind and weather have to be taken into account.

Metro Tint Texas has installed exterior window films on buildings around the world. Our installation teams have been trained and certified by the film manufacturers. When you need exterior window film installed on your building or simply want to learn more about how exterior films like 3M Prestige can benefit you and your building give us a call at 214-347-4363.

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