Ballistic Glass, Doors and Frames

Ballistic glass, bullet-resistant glass, and ballistic panels provide protection from bullets, bad guys and active shooters. Metro Tint Texas’ ballistic (Bullet Resistant) glass and impact protection solutions include the Cbond Ballistic Resistant Film System, polycarbonate ballistic panels, and glazing. With bullet protection solutions ranging from UL 752 Level 1 to UL 752 Level 10, we can design a system to meet your threat and budget.

This is a cost-effective retrofit solution providing ballistic protection up to NIJ Level 2 & 2A.

The CBond II Bullet resistant Film system.

There is no such thing as bulletproof window film, but there is the CBond bullet-resistant window film system. It combines thicker glass, multiple proprietary security window film layers, and a Patented Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Technology Film Mounting Solution to achieve ballistic resistance up to UL 752 Level 2 protection. Typically, it involves replacing your existing glass with 1/2″ annealed glass.

CBond II System advantages include:

  • Cost-Effective blast and ballistic protection
  • Tested and proven Bullet Resistance up to and including Level 2 and 2A
  • Easy to Install and Retrofit
  • It fits into existing window frames designed for Insulated Glass Units
  • Its unique 1-Way Ballistic Capability (You can shoot out, they can’t shoot in) lets you actively defend against intruders.
A more traditional bullet resistant glazing system.

Ballistic Glass and Framing System

With this, we can offer solutions for every threat level – from UL 752 Level 1 through UL 752 Level 10.

Ballistic Glass combined with bullet-resistant framing advantages include:

  • Extremely high levels of protection – Including systems that can stop multiple .50 caliber rounds
  • Protection from forced entry, natural disasters, and criminal events
  • Unmatched protection even under assault from multiple attackers, heavy tools, or rounds from various firearms.

For more information on ballistic and bullet-resistant glass solutions and how we can help you protect your business, home, or building against active shooters and ballistic threats, give us a call at 800-297-3862 or Schedule Your Free Estimate.

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FAQs on Metro Tint TX and Ballistic Glass in Dallas

  1. What is ballistic glass?

Ballistic glass, often bullet-resistant, is a strong, transparent material that can resist the force of bullets and other high-speed projectiles. It’s important to note there is no such thing as completely “bulletproof glass.” The term “bullet-resistant” is more accurate as it can stop or slow down bullets to a certain extent, depending on the thickness and type of the glass.

  1. How does Metro Tint TX provide ballistic glass solutions?

Metro Tint TX, located in Dallas, offers the CBond II Bullet Resistant Film system, a cost-effective retrofit solution that provides ballistic protection up to NIJ Level 2 & 2A. This system combines thicker glass, multiple proprietary security window film layers, and a Patented Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Technology Film Mounting Solution to achieve up to UL 752 Level 2 protection.

  1. What are the advantages of the CBond II System?

The CBond II System is cost-effective, providing both blast and ballistic protection. It has been tested and proven to offer bullet resistance, including Level 2 and 2A. It is easy to install and retrofit, fitting into existing window frames designed for Insulated Glass Units. One unique feature is its 1-Way Ballistic Capability, which means you can shoot out, but intruders can’t shoot in, allowing active defense against intruders.

  1. What are security films?

Security or safety window film is a layer applied to windows and glass doors to enhance their strength and resistance to break-ins, natural disasters, and severe weather-causing broken glass. It’s used in the CBond II system to provide an added layer of protection.

  1. Can security film stop bullets?

While security window film alone cannot stop bullets, when combined with thicker glass windows and a film mounting solution like in the CBond II system, it can contribute to the overall ballistic resistance of the glass.

  1. What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. It’s made by sandwiching a layer of plastic, such as polycarbonate, between two glass panes. If the glass is broken, the plastic layer holds the fragments together, preventing flying glass shards and providing an added layer of safety.

  1. How do laminated glass and glass-clad polycarbonate differ in composition and protective properties?

Laminated and glass-clad polycarbonate are safety glasses, but they’re not the same. Laminated glass has a plastic layer between two glass layers, making it resistant to shattering. Glass-clad polycarbonate, bullet-resistant glass, bonds glass layers to polycarbonate, a strong plastic, resulting in a material that resists high-speed impacts like bullets. Despite their shared safety purpose, their materials and manufacturing processes differ, offering varying levels of protection.

  1. How does ballistic glass protect against forced entry?

Ballistic glass can delay and deter forced entry attempts by making it significantly more difficult to break through the glass. The combination of multiple laminated glass layers and security window film creates a barrier that can withstand high levels of impact, protecting vulnerable entry points like windows and glass doors.

  1. How does ballistic glass protect against natural disasters and severe weather?

In natural disasters or severe weather, windows are often the weakest link in a building. Ballistic glass can provide added protection by resisting the impact of flying debris, reducing the risk of shattered glass and property damage.

  1. How does Metro Tint TX ensure total security solutions?

Metro Tint TX offers a range of security solutions, including security window films, ballistic glass, and bullet-resistant doors and frames. They specialize in providing customized solutions to meet each customer’s needs, ensuring total security solutions for residential and commercial properties. Contact us today.

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