Small Business Security Guide: Security Window Films, Riot Glass, and Bullet Resistant Glass

Posted - March 18, 2024
Security WIndow film being installed to protect against break-ins, vandalism and crime.

Keeping your business safe and inviting at the same time is a big goal for any small business owner. Today, with crime rates going up and threats changing all the time, it’s hard to pick the best and most affordable way to protect your place. For many business owners, the first step to stop crimes like theft, vandalism, and even bigger dangers is by using strong walls and windows. These not only make the first impression on your customers but also act as the first line of defense against possible attacks. In this post, we’re going to look at and compare three different ways to make your business safer – Security Window Films, Riot Glass Access Denial Systems, and Bullet-Resistant Glass.

Let’s talk about the good and the bad of each system to help you choose how to best protect your business from unexpected threats.

Unmasking the Myths of Security Window Films

Possibly one of the more cost-effective and less obtrusive security measures, Security Window Films (SWF) operate under the principle of ‘retention’ and ‘release’. When a window is struck, the film holds the glass in place, preventing easy and unopposed entry. It also prevents shards from becoming dangerous projectiles.

Layers of Protection

Modern SWF technologies are multi-layered, often combining films of different thicknesses to provide high tensile strength. They are designed to be an invisible barrier, giving a building’s existing glass the resilience of a break-resistant grade without affecting its aesthetics.

True Deterrence?

The effectiveness of Security Window Films often serves as a visual deterrent, but they are not impenetrable. While the film can withstand blows from blunt objects such as bricks or hammers – and in some cases, even slow a would-be intruder down – a determined assailant could eventually breach the glass.

Cost and ROI Analysis

The initial cost of applying Security Window Films varies according to the size of the installation, thickness of the film and choice of anchoring system. Smaller businesses with fewer windows may find this solution less financially burdensome than installing solid barriers. However, the cost-effectiveness extends beyond the initial installation. SWF can reduce energy costs by providing insulation, increase UV protection for both employees and stored products, and potentially lower insurance premiums.

Riot Glass Access Denial Systems; The Stronghold Approach

Next in line is the rapidly growing concept of Access Denial Systems (ADS). Riot Glass, one of the leading providers, takes a more aggressive posture – designed to deny entry against all but the most high level attacks..

Unconventional Versus the Conventional

What sets ADS apart is the fact that it encompasses the entire window area, reinforcing both glass and frame. Riot Glass panels are securely installed and designed to withstand multiple impacts. The system creates an almost impenetrable barrier against attempted break-ins, reducing the likelihood of a successful intrusion.

Balancing Act

A potential drawback of ADS is the balance it must maintain between security and aesthetics. It can be more visible than Security Window Films, altering the look and feel of a storefront. For some businesses, this visible security might be a selling point, a clear message to potential intruders that their entry attempts will most likely be in vain.

The Cost Factor

When it comes to cost, Riot Glass installations are typically more expensive than films, and reflecting on ROI for a smaller business is critical. The question becomes not just the initial investment but the overall impact on the aesthetics of the space versus the perceived increased level of deterrence and protection.

The Impenetrable Shield of Bullet-Resistant Glass

Finally, we examine the extreme end of physical protection – Bullet-Resistant Glass (BRG). This robust form of security is designed to offer protection from firearms.

Understanding BRG’s Construction

Bullet-Resistant Glass isn’t glass at all, but a combination of layers made from various types of material, from polycarbonate to glass-clad polycarbonate, depending on the level of protection required. It’s built to not only retain integrity upon impact but also absorb and dissipate the energy of a bullet to reduce the likelihood of penetration.

Real-Life Applications

While originally designed for high-risk environments such as banks and government buildings, BRG is making its way into the small business sector. When a small business owner is in a high-crime area or operates in an industry that could make them a target for violent crimes, the investment in BRG might be justified.

The Weight of Security

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to Bullet-Resistant Glass is its sheer weight. Bullet Resistant Glass is heavy, much heavier than standard glass installed in a commercial storefront. The frames and support structures often have to be significantly reinforced to bear this additional load. For this reason not all BRG installations can be easily retrofitted to an existing building. The capital investment needed for an effective bullet resistant solution might not be justifiable for all businesses.

Making the Right Choice for Your Business

Choosing the appropriate security measure for your small business is a nuanced decision that requires a thoughtful approach. It involves considering various factors, ranging from the physical location to the type of business operations, the surrounding community, and the overall risk assessment. It’s not just about security; it’s about confidence, assurance, and demonstrating a clear commitment to the well-being of your customers and employees.

Security Window Films Might Be:

  • Ideal for businesses in moderate-risk environments
  • A strong visual deterrent and cost-effective solution
  • Most impactful against smash-and-grab style break-ins

Riot Glass Systems Might Be:

  • Favored in areas with a history of forced entry attempts.
  • Notable for its robust, visible deterrent and prevention qualities
  • An ideal compromise between visual and actual security

Bullet-Resistant Glass Could Be Opted For:

  • By businesses in high-risk environments looking for protection from firearms
  • Offering assurance for high-value goods or high-profile locations
  • Significantly more costly and requires substantial structural adjustments.

Which Security Product is Right For Your Business?

Want to make your business safer? Check out different methods like Security Window Films, Riot Glass, and Bullet-Resistant Glass. We will explore each method’s pros and cons to help you pick the best way to protect your business from surprises.

All these security options are important for a full security plan. It’s key to work with security experts who can check what your business needs specifically. Combining bits from each method might be the smartest choice, giving you a strong security system ready for anything.

For business owners who really care about keeping their place safe, deciding to boost protection is smart and necessary. At Metro Tint Texas, we’re all about giving you the latest, custom-made security options that fit what you need. If you’re thinking about putting in security window films, riot glass, or bullet-resistant glass, our expert team is here to help you make the right choice to keep your business safe.

Don’t wait to make your business safer. Contact Metro Tint Texas now. We’ll work together to strengthen your business against threats and give you, your workers, and your customers total peace of mind.

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