Riot Glass Dallas | ArmorPlast Security Panels

Riot Glass products protect the weakest part of your building – the glass doors and windows. ArmorPlast security panels are a Riot Glass product designed to withstand a sustained, repeated assault from determined attackers using sophisticated tools.

The threat is greater. Businesses, offices and government buildings are increasingly coming under attack. Burglaries, break-in’s and “Smash and Grab” crimes are “traditional” threats for businesses. Now owners and managers have to concern themselves with looting, riots and civil unrest.

Traditional glass security products like security window films might not be enough to protect your business from being damaged and looted. This is where Riot Glass can help. Their ArmorPlast security panels provide a higher level of protection against intruders, active shooters and forced entry attempts than even the thickest security window films.

How effective is Riot Glass?

Constructed of clear polycarbonate, these nearly indestructible panels are quick to install, effective immediately and can delay entry for up to 60 minutes.

Recommended for doors and windows with a high likelihood of attack or where a high level of security is needed.

Ideally suited to prevent:

  • Forced Entry
  • Active Shooters
  • Burglaries
  • Break-ins
  • Damage from riots and civil unrest

Reasons to consider ArmorPlast Security Panels

  • Invisible – Blends seamlessly into your existing window framing
  • Nearly indestructible
  • Immediate Protection – No curing or “time to dry out”.
  • Effective – Delays entry up to 60 minutes
  • Does not require removal of existing glass
  • Effective against active shooters, smash-n-grab and civil unrest
  • Installation by trained, certified installers
  • Available in bullet resistant versions

You can learn more about how ArmorPlast can help you protect and secure your business, store or office contact us

Check out our ArmorPlast Video here –  Riot Glass Demo Video