School Security

Metro Tint Texas can help schools and educational institutions protect their students. We install security window film, window film anchoring systems, and advanced ballistics products that protect schools against active shooters, break-ins and forced entry.

Glass windows and doors are the weakest part of a building’s envelope.
Bad actors exploit these weaknesses to enter schools where they can hurt people and do damage.

Metro Tint Texas specializes in stopping threats and intruders at the glass.

Our products delay, deny and deter forced entry through the glass.

We focus on three main objectives:

  • Fortification – We reinforce and fortify glass doors and windows, the most vulnerable entry points of a building.
  • Deterrence and delay – Hindering intruders and slowing them down buys time – time for responders to react and for occupants to shelter and protect themselves.
  • Effectiveness – We offer solutions that work, that can be scaled to the threat and that are affordable.

Safety and Security Window Film

Safety and Security Window Film forms the first and most basic level of protection. Affordable, effective and fast to implement, these films hold glass together under repeated blows and attacks. They can effectively delay an intruder for up to 2-3 minutes.
Security window film is typically anchored to the window frame with an attachment system. Attachment systems forge the window/frame assembly into a solid unit resistant to easy penetration.

Schoolsafe Forced Entry Glass

Metro Tint Texas offers a complete line of Forced Entry Glass products. This includes SchoolSafe glass specifically designed to take physical abuse and delay entry for up to 30 – 60 minutes. Designed to resist forced entry for an extended period, School Armor is the next level of protection.

Metro Tint Texas offers two ballistic glass solutions:

The CBond II Bullet resistant Film system.

1) The CBond II Bullet resistant Film system. This is a cost-effective retrofit solution providing ballistic protection up to NIJ Level 2 & 2A.

It consists of multiple layers of a proprietary security window film combined with a Patented Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Technology Film Mounting Solution. Typically, it also involves replacement of your existing glass.

CBond II System advantages include:

  • Cost Effective and Efficient Bullet Resistance
  • Easy to Install and Retrofit
  • A unique 1-Way Ballistic Capability (You can shoot out; they can’t shoot in.)

Ballistic Glass and Framing System.

A more traditional bullet resistant glazing system. With this we can offer solutions for every threat level – from UL 752 Level 1 through UL 752 Level 10.

Ballistic Glass combined with bullet resistant framing advantages include:

  • Extremely high levels of protection – Including systems that can stop multiple .50 caliber rounds
  • Protection from forced entry, natural disasters and criminal events
  • Unmatched protection even under assault from multiple attackers, heavy tools, or rounds from a variety of firearms.

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