Commercial Security

Commercial security window films are our specialty. Whether you have a retail store to protect, a corporate office building, or a government facility, we can provide a system to protect you against any anticipated threat.

Metro Tint Texas is an industry leader in providing commercial security film solutions. Unlike companies that offer only one solution for every threat, we’ve curated an extensive range of glazing security options. We can craft a solution that meets your unique security needs.

Commercial security options include:

Security Window Films and Attachment Systems

Commercial window security films are thicker, tougher sun control window film versions. Designed to hold glass together under severe conditions – explosions, repeated blows from a hammer, or when struck by debris driven by heavy winds – these films provide cost-effective glazing security for glass doors and windows.

Available in both clear and sun control (tinted) versions, these films protect your business, your building, and your employees from vandalism and the hazards of broken glass. Commercial security films are typically paired with an anchoring system to secure them to the window frame.

Forced entry Protection Glass

When you need more protection than security window films can provide, we offer our forced entry protection glass. Basically, laminated glass on steroids, this thick, tough, light, and resilient glass is rated to delay entry for 30-60 minutes.

Bullet Resistant Glass Solutions

For the ultimate in-glass protection, we offer a variety of bullet-resistant glass solutions. Commonly known as “bulletproof glass”, these solutions provide your business with a very high level of protection from bullets, bomb blasts, and forced entry.

For more information on how you can protect your commercial building, business or retail store please contact us.

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