Security Products

Metro Tint Texas has a variety of products meant designed to increase the security level of your home, office or business.

Barracuda Intruder Defense System

Barracuda locking devices are used to rapidly and effectively secure doors in an emergency or lockdown situation. Available for both inward and outward swinging doors they can be deployed in a matter of seconds to secure a room against intruders. Please contact us to learn more or to purchase.

StrikeMaster Pro II

Strong doors and locks are a key component of any home protection system. The should be your first line of defense against home invasion, burglars and break-in’s. The problem…

The standard door in today’s home is not designed for security and, rather than be a barrier to entry, can be easily kicked in and broken through.

In fact, the easiest way for an intruder to get into your home is to kick in your door. According to the FBI, a home is broken into through a front or back door every 12 seconds on average – 70% of all break-ins are from door-frame failure.

The StrikeMaster II Pro is designed to reinforce your door jamb Deadbolt locks alone will not secure your door. It makes the door casing virtually unbreakable. The StrikeMaster Pro II can be purchased for a Do-It_yourself installation or you can purchase it as part of your security package.

For more information on the StrikeMaster Pro II, please contact us.

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