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Residential security window films are the core product we offer to protect your home, condo or townhome from burglars, break-in’s and natural disasters. These tough polyester films help keep intruders out of your home. They may also prevent flying debris from crashing through your windows during storms, tornadoes and severe weather.

While no safety film can guarantee 100% protection or keep intruders out forever, they will delay, deter and deny entry through your glass doors and windows. They make your home a tougher, harder target.

The longer you can keep intruders out of your home the more time you’ll have to respond, react and protect yourself. It also buys you time so the police can respond to any alarms or requests for help.

Home security films also reduce injuries caused by flying and broken glass caused by severe weather and storms. These tough films hold the glass together to prevent it from shattering and spraying glass shards around your home. They also help keep large objects and flying debris from penetrating the glass and injuring people.

By holding broken glass in the window frame, they help keep out water during storms, helping to minimize water damage and clean-up.

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Security films are a great choice when you want to:*

  • Reduce the potential of injury from flying glass
  • Impede robbers and burglars with windows that are harder to break and enter
  • Guard against glass breakage caused by window impact

Benefits of Security Window Film

  • Holds glass in place, slowing criminals attempting forced entry
  • Clear window films are invisible and do not impact views
  • Tinted films provide privacy, solar heat reduction and energy savings
  • Protect against sun damage and fading by eliminating 99.9% of UV light
  • Reduces the dangers of flying glass shards during tornadoes, hailstorms forced entry attempts
  • Minimizes water intrusion and damage should glass break during storms
  • Windows with film are easier to clean up and replace if they break

How home security window films work

Safety and security window film works by adding a layer of polyester film onto your glass. This toughens the glass making it harder to break and, if it does break, holding the glass together.

Should something bad happen – someone throws a rock, hits a golf ball or there’s a harsh storm – your windows will hold together and remain intact.

When it comes to protecting your home it’s important to have proven products that will work when called upon. We are constantly researching, testing and exploring new options in home security. Every safety and security window film offered by Metro Tint Texas meet rigorous testing and certification standards. In addition, having installed these films all over the world we’ve seen what works in real-world situations.

We know what will protect you, your family and your home. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

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