Is Window Security Film Worth It

window security film worth it

Is Window Security Film Worth It?

Glass and windows are some of the most dynamic construction items available. However, they also leave vulnerable spots in your building for possible entry points of intruders. One way to prevent that is by using window security film. But is it worth it? Does window security film really work? To answer these questions, you have to know what these glass reinforcement materials can and can’t do.

What Window Security Film Can Do

Enhance Safety

Security film increases the tensile strength of your building’s glass. Its pressure and shatter resistance are boosted, making it considerably harder for a burglar to break in. They can provide up to three valuable minutes of delay for intruders.

Provide Storm Protection

Hurricanes and severe storms with strong winds can cause a lot of debris to be blown around. Glass is tough, but if the debris strikes it forcefully enough, it can shatter. The extra layer of protection is very handy against unwanted materials.

Maintain Transparency

Transparent window films are extremely thin and barely noticeable. Unlike curtains and blinds, they enable natural light into your property, reducing the amount of electricity consumed. Plus, it gives you a nice view of the outdoors.

Reduce Risk of Injury

Another advantage of security window film is that it can keep the glass in place when it is shattered. This adds an extra layer of security and reduces the risk of injury from glass shards caused by earthquakes, home invasion, fire, or accidents.

Block UV Rays

Ultraviolet light is harmful to humans, furniture, and infrastructure. Fortunately, some window security films can block it. These films will prevent discoloration and fading of fabrics and furnishings. They can also shield people inside from UV radiation harmful to the eyes and skin.

Control Indoor Temperature

Security film with embedded tinting can also be obtained. They decrease energy costs by preventing direct sunlight beams that cause dwellings to heat up on summer days.

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What Window Security Film Can't Do

Be Impenetrable

It is still possible to break through the security film with enough patience and equipment. But note that burglars frequently want to make a quick getaway. So, any way you can make it more difficult for them to break in raises your odds of avoiding being a target.

Give Bulletproof Protection

Despite false advertisements that mislead the public, window films can’t block bullets. They can resist impact from common debris, but they are not bulletproof. Furthermore, bullet-resistant glass is substantially more expensive than security film.

Prevent Glass from Breaking

Customers frequently believe that security window film will prevent the glass from shattering in the event of a collision. This is false. It will, however, keep the shattered glass together and prevent glass fragments from falling out of the window frame.

Is It Worth It?

Like anything you can find in the market, this has pros and cons. So, is window security film worth it? The short answer is yes. The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. For what it’s worth, security film gives you an excellent investment.