Types of Commercial Window Protection

Commercial Window Protection

commercial window protection

Based in Dallas, TX, Metro Tint TX specializes in commercial window services, such as window tint and commercial window protection. providing top-quality security films for commercial glass security doors and windows. We understand that the safety of your office space, employees, and property is paramount, and provide services tailored to enhance the security of your commercial buildings.

Boosting Security with Films

Security films are a critical part of comprehensive commercial building security. These films are applied to your existing glass as a robust barrier against forced entry, natural disasters, and bomb blasts. Importantly, they enhance the safety of commercial glass security doors, creating a fortified defense when combined with security cameras.

Mitigating Risks of Natural Disasters and Bomb Blasts

Our security window film reduces potential injuries and property damage during natural disasters or bomb blasts. They hold broken glass together, minimizing the hazards of flying glass shards, which is essential for commercial buildings in disaster-prone areas.

Strengthening Commercial Glass and Windows

Our window films provide extra protection for commercial windows and doors, holding broken glass together during forced entry attempts or natural disasters. Additionally, these films offer solar control benefits, filtering out the sun’s harmful UV rays and enhancing the comfort of your office space.

Enhancing Existing Glass and Office Space Safety

Existing glass can benefit from our clear anti-graffiti film, adding another layer of protection. Our window films also reduce sun glare and heat, improving workspace comfort. Beyond installing security cameras, we recommend using security films on your commercial windows and glass security doors for comprehensive office safety.

A Comprehensive Approach to Commercial Security

Commercial security requires an integrated approach, and our security window films significantly enhance your commercial building’s safety. Investing in safety is necessary today, and our General Services Administration (GSA) approved products and services ensure reliable window protection in Dallas.

At Metro Tint Tx, we’re committed to enhancing your building’s safety while ensuring your office space remains comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. With us, every window frame in your commercial building is an opportunity for protection.

Tempered Glass and Solar Control

Tempered glass, known for its durability and safety, is even more robust when enhanced with our window films. Besides adding a layer of security, these films offer solar control, reducing glare and screening out harmful UV rays. This dual functionality ensures that your commercial building is safer and more comfortable for occupants.

Office Windows: An Uncompromised View with Enhanced Protection

Our clear films offer an uncompromised view of the outdoors while protecting your commercial windows significantly. These films are virtually invisible to the eye, blending seamlessly with your existing glass. They ensure that while you’re protected against potential threats, your view and the aesthetics of your office space are in no way compromised.

Commercial Security: Beyond the Doors

While much emphasis is placed on the doors when discussing commercial security, we believe in holistic protection at Metro Tint TX. Beyond doors, every window frame in your commercial building is an opportunity for enhancing security. Our security films, professionally installed, fit each window frame perfectly, offering a comprehensive layer of defense.

Property Protection: An Investment in Safety

Protecting your property from potential damage is critical to running a successful business. Our window films can significantly minimize the risk of property damage caused by broken or shattered glass. This proactive approach to property protection is an investment in your company’s future and the safety of your employees and customers.

School safety is another important area we work a lot in.

Partners in Safety: Metro Tint TX

At Metro Tint TX, we’re committed to being your reliable partner in ensuring the safety of your commercial building. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, GSA-approved products and services. With our security films, you’re not just enhancing the safety of your commercial building but also investing in the comfort and well-being of your employees. Your safety is our top priority, and we’re here to provide you with the best commercial window protection in Dallas, TX. Contact us today.