When you want to protect your home

Posted - October 6, 2017

You can protect your home at a reasonable cost with 3M Security Window Films.  These tough-to-penetrate films delay, deter and deny entry into your home. They give you time to respond and take the steps needed to protect your family, your home and your property.

And our films work well in combination with alarms to form a complete protective package.  Your alarm will signal that someone is attempting to get in while the film keeps them out long enough for help to arrive. They make your home a “tough nut to crack”.

Oftentimes this is enough to keep them out completely.

These films are used around the world to protect banks, government offices and other high-value targets.  And come on, is there anything more valuable than your home and your loved ones?

And the Protection Isn’t only from Outside Intruders

Our 3M Safety films also protect you from the hazards of broken and shattered glass.

Let’s say you have just cleaned your sliding glass door and your kids are running through the house not realizing realize the slider is closed.  This could cause a very dangerous incident where the child, or an adult, could be hurt or even killed by walking or running through a sliding glass door they thought was open.

Or let’s say your kids are playing ball outside and they throw or kick the ball through the window.  This would cause shards of glass to fly and fall to the floor where someone could step on the glass

Protect yourself from Broken Glass

3M Security window films protect children from broken glass.

and get hurt.

Or maybe you live next to a golf course.  We all know the hazards of flying golf balls.  Our films will protect against those as well.

Keep intruders out and your family safe by having our robust 3M Safety & Security films installed on your home.

And it’s a Security System That Can Pay for Itself

You can also get a combination solar control and security window film.  Solar control films save you money by reducing the heat coming into your home, reducing your electric bill.  Combined films give you the best of both worlds – effective security and world-class solar control.

You can choose one of our top-of-the-line combination films, the Ultra Prestige Series.  One of the most popular is the Ultra Prestige 70, which lets in almost all the light while blocking 50% of the heat. All while providing you the high level of protection and performance you associate with 3M products.

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