3M Thinsulate Climate Control Window

Homeowners and building managers around Dallas and Fort Worth looking for the best year-round energy saving window film should consider 3M’s Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film. This “All-Season” window film keeps you cool in the summer and warm when it’s cold outside.

From an energy savings standpoint

3M’s Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film is impressive. This premium film reduces solar heat coming through your windows, blocks harmful UV rays and reduces glare just like any other window film.

From a specification standpoint, it’s one of the best solar performers in its class. And it does more…

Unlike most solar control films, which are designed to keep heat out of your building, 3M Thinsulate Climate Control Film also helps keep heat in your building when it’s cold outside.

From an efficiency standpoint, it’s like adding another pane of glass to your window. It’s that’s a good thing.

3M Thinsulate Window Film is for people who take energy efficiency seriously.

It isn’t for everyone. Because it delivers more “back for your home investment buck” than other window films, it’s expensive compared to other window films. Top of the line performance requires a commensurate investment. The 3M Thinsulate film is priced towards the top of the market.

It might be more than you initially considered investing in your home or commercial building window film project.
Then again, it delivers so much more performance. For those who want the ultimate in energy efficient glass without the high cost of new windows, this may be the perfect solution.

“The [Thinsulate] window film reduces heat loss and helps us maintain a comfortable environment. It also helps protect the furnishings in the house from exposure to the sun.” – Amanda Simpson, Manager, Minnesota Governor’s Residence

3M Thinsulate 75 (CC75)

The CC75 provides year-round comfort and protection. This version is virtually invisible on your glass and is ideal for historic homes and buildings that don’t want to change the look of the glass. This energy efficient home upgrade will improve the insulation value of your windows. From a performance standpoint, it’s like adding an additional pane of glass – single pane performs like dual pane and dual pane like triple pane – for a fraction of the cost of new windows.

3M Thinsulate 40 (CC40)

Revolutionary Low E technology in a window film. The CC40 provides year-round comfort and protection with added glare reduction. This energy saving home investment will upgrade the performance of your windows – single pane will perform like dual pane; dual pane performs like triple pane – for a fraction of the cost of new windows.

Both versions of these Climate Control window films block more than 99% of the UV rays to protect your floors, furniture, and artwork from the harmful effects of the sun.

Benefits of 3M Thinsulate Window Film Include:

  • Low-E Window Insulation performance without the high cost of window replacement
  • Improved comfort during cold winter months.
  • Solar Heat Rejection during the hot Summer months.
  • High Visible Light Transmission and a neutral appearance to keep the existing look of the building.
  • Excellent for historic homes and museums
  • Reduces the fading of furniture, floors, and artwork.
  • Comprehensive warranty from 3M

What they don’t tell you about Window Replacement

If advertising on AM radio is any indication, replacing your homes existing windows with “new, energy efficient” windows is all the rage. There are a lot of reasons for replacing your windows – to upgrade the styling, to repair broken frames or get rid of windows where there’s seal failure.
The number one reason people replace their windows, however, is for insulation/energy efficiency. You want to do what you can to be environmentally friendly, stay comfortable in your home and, if you can, save a few bucks while you’re at it.

When it comes to saving energy, windows are the weak point in your home. In the summer too much heat comes in, while in the winter too much heat gets out. Your A/C and heating systems need to work harder to keep you comfortable. This costs you money and excessive wear and tear on your equipment.

So, when you decide to make our home more energy efficient one of the first things you do is consider upgrading your windows.
But the dirty little secret they don’t tell you is — Replacement windows will never pay for themselves with energy savings.
They cost too much. It’s that simple.

3M Thinsulate Climate Control Film gives you energy savings for less.
There is a way to make your windows more energy efficient for much less money than installing new windows. By simply installing 3M Thinsulate Window Film on your windows you will improve the energy performance of your windows without having to replace them.

Studies have shown 3M Thinsulate Window Film can reduce heat loss by up to 38%. It’s like transforming single pane glass into double pane glass and double pane into triple pane. And it’ll cost you a lot less than replacement windows.

That means it’s a viable alternative to replacing your windows when you want to save energy.

Metro Tint Texas specializes in energy saving solutions for glass windows and doors. Our offerings include high-end sun control films from companies like 3M, Llumar, and Madico.

We’ve been helping homeowners and building managers make their windows more energy efficient and comfortable for more than 20 years. If you would like a demonstration of how 3M Thinsulate Window Film can help you improve your building, please contact us. We are happy to provide you with information and a free, no-obligation and consultation for your home or business.

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