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Whether it’s for your home or vehicle, having a bulletproof window is preferable if you have a budget to allocate for your safety and security. Compared to a regular window most people use, bulletproof windows can do so much for you, especially if you have people and assets to protect. In Texas, you will discover a lot of window tinting companies offering bulletproof window services but only a few of them have good customer service and quality products, just like Metro Tint Texas.

Now, if you are not yet convinced whether to convert your regular windows into bulletproof ones, here are some of the reasons why you should consider doing it.

1) For safety & security

Having bulletproof windows is added security for you, your family, and your assets. If you have a business location with valuable things inside and you are protecting them from getting stolen, bulletproof windows are the answer. You will never know what tools criminals can use just to get into your shop and steal the items inside. There were instances already where criminals use guns to destroy glass partitions, walls, and windows. If you have bulletproof windows, you can easily secure your valuable assets from thieves.

The safety of your family is also one thing to consider to go for bulletproof windows. Some people who use bulletproof windows are those big personalities like celebrities and politicians. But, if none of those types of people belong to your family, it doesn’t matter. Bulletproof windows are for all.

2) To protect you from unforeseen events.

Another reason why bulletproof windows are essential is unforeseen events, especially when you are traveling with your vehicle. Accidents may happen at any time. In case someone is trying to harm you using a gun and chasing your vehicle, you can save yourself since bulletproof windows can reduce the impact of gun bullets. In the event that another crime is happening and you happen to pass by the crime scene, your bulletproof window can protect you from anything that might happen like stray bullets.

The same applies to when you are at home. Stray bullets might come from any direction of your place. Having bulletproof windows will assure you that you are protected even inside your house.

3) Resistance from bullets.

Finally, resistance from bullets is another “why” for having bulletproof windows. If your place is dangerous and you want your building to be secured, bullet-resistant windows come in handy whenever it is of the day. It’s a good investment for businesses that require resistance from bullets.


Safety and security are great investments for your home and business. With bulletproof windows, you are not only protecting lives but valuable assets as well. If you don’t want to pay for stolen items or harmed lives, later on, you might want to convert your windows now to bulletproof ones.

If you are in Texas, Metro Tint is a reliable company to get your bulletproof windows. Check out the company and don’t forget to reach out if you need to know more about the services they offer.

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