Open House Burglar steals more than $80000 from Dallas Home

Posted - January 23, 2018

Recently someone walked into an Open House in Highland Park and stole items worth more than $80,000.

People want your stuff. Given the chance, they’ll take it. Sometimes it’s as simple as walking into your open house and grabbing a few items like they did in this Highland Park home. Sometimes it’s as brazen as smashing down your door and taking what they want.

You need to protect the important things in your life – your family, your home and yourself.

Window Protection for your family | 3M Window Film

Metro Tint Texas can help you secure your windows and glass doors against burglars, thieves and others who mean to do you harm.

Your home should be your castle. A place secure and safe from the world. Over time you make it your own.

Don’t let anyone rob you of your stuff and your sense of security and safety. Make yourself a hard target.

Metro Tint Texas can help you protect what’s yours with 3M Security Window Film. These tough, durable shatter retention films hold glass together to keep intruders out.

Is your Sliding Glass door secure?

Sliding glass doors are an easy way for intruders to break into your home, condo or town home. Typically located out of sight, sliders come with tempered glass, flimsy locks and can often be lifted right out of the track.

If you want to break in, that the easiest way to do it.

Home Security starts at your glass | 3M Security Film

Metro Tint Texas can help you strengthen your sliding glass doors. We transform them from one of the weakest points of your home into a tough barrier.

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