Certified Installation: Window Films Capture and Release Solar Energy

window films capture and release solar energy

Window films capture and release solar energy to protect your property from the sun’s glare. Window films are an investment to keep your energy bill regulated year-round and keep your house from overheating or getting too cold.

Windows are the most prominent feature for curb appeal and security. They are also the source of natural light for the occupants. As the morning sun glares through the glass during winter, you enjoy the warmth for a few hours. However, once the sun goes down, you miss the warm temperature. The opposite happens during summer when you can’t wait for the sun to go down!  

The sun’s harmful rays also make your life difficult if the windows have no Ultra-Violet (UV) or Infra-Red (IR) radiation protection. Direct exposure to UV or IR rays can lead to skin diseases and furniture damage. Therefore, you need window films!

What Are Window Films?

Window films capture and release solar energy through a thin protective layer attached to the window. The thin material is usually a strong polyester laminate. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a widely used material for window films. One side of the film is scratch-resistant, and the other side is treated with an adhesive for the film to bond with the window surface.

Window films are clear and durable for various surfaces. They are ideal for residential and commercial windows because of their cost-effectiveness.  

Why Install Window Films?

Installing films for the windows can benefit you in the long run. While keeping your skin and furniture protected, the window films help you in the following ways:

Protection from Cold

Window films capture and release solar energy by upgrading the window from single-pane to double-pane and double-pane to triple-pane windows. They protect your house from cold spots and discomfort during winter. The insulation reflects the heat and disperses it inside the house to increase warmth.

The film maintains a moderated temperature in the colder months. It allows you to enjoy the warmth even after the night falls. The temperature inside the property does not drop as rapidly as outside. The regulated temperature also benefits you by reducing your energy consumption.

Reduction of Heat

While the warmth is welcome during winter, people do not want their houses or office buildings to heat up during summer. They keep the air conditioner on for as long as possible, which increases energy consumption. Windows let in the sunlight and the scorching heat, making the entire house warmer than needed. And when you draw the curtains, you have to compromise on the natural light that your family and indoor plants love to enjoy.

Installation of window films helps with heat control but does not take the sunlight away from you. 3M Window Films are the best product for heat reduction. They can reduce almost 78% of the sun’s heat while letting the sunlight in.

No Need for Blinds

After installing window films, you do not need blinds to prevent the sun’s heat from making your house uncomfortable. However, that’s not the only benefit. The no-blinds formula also adds to the aesthetics of the property. The window films reduce the heat and glare of the sun by giving the glass windows an upgrade.

You can open the blinds and enjoy the sunshine without worrying about glaring rays. Window films reduce solar glare by up to 94%. You can watch television, do your workout, and enjoy recreational activities without drawing the blinds.

Saving on Energy Bills

You should install window films to reduce your energy bill. They decrease heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer while regulating the temperature inside the property.

The window films capture and release solar energy during winter, keeping the house warm. During summer, the films prevent heat build-up and reduce the need to keep the air conditioner on 24/7. You can save money year-round while enjoying the comfort of your home. It’s effective to the point that you can save up to 30% on your energy bills.

No More Break-Ins!

Window films can also serve as a security asset for properties. The heavy-duty material bonded with the glass of your windows works as a barrier. They block harmful radiations and increase the durability of the windows to provide protection from vandalism and theft.

No one can tamper with the glass to break into your house and cause damage. Natural disasters and everyday accidents won’t break the glass either—the window films can control the damage.

Aesthetic Look and Privacy

The window films you choose determine the look and appeal of your property while adding to the privacy you need. Older films used to have highly reflective surfaces that agitated passersby and occupants alike. Now, the window films have eliminated reflectivity by adding modern touches that increase the curb appeal.

Privacy is another reason you should install window films. Whether a residential or commercial property, you need your own space without the distractions on the other side of the glass. Window films can give you privacy by appearing as a barrier between the property and the outside world.

Installing the Right Window Films

While these films can keep your house warm in winter and prevent the sun’s heat from increasing the indoor temperature, they must be installed correctly to maximize energy-saving and provide security. You can only enjoy the benefits when the installation is perfect, and for that, you need a certified team of installation experts.

Metro Tint Texas has been installing window films for businesses and residential properties for over 20 years. We are authorized to install 3M window films for our customers with the help of a trained and certified team. Metro Tint Texas serves Dallas and the Fort Worth Metroplex area, including Arlington, Addison, Highland Park, Irving, Cedar Hill, Lancaster, Southlake, and Princeton.

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