Commercial window tinting in Dallas and Fort Worth

Posted - September 22, 2017

Thinking of applying window tint to your building, business or office to solve the problem of too much heat?  That’s a great idea. 3M Window Film makes glass safer and more energy efficient. Commercial buildings, because they have a lot of glass installed, can achieve massive results. In addition to saving energy window film lets you do the following:

You’ll create a cooler, a more comfortable and pleasant environment for your tenants. And having comfortable tenants not only helps you keep the tenants you have – you get higher tenant retention and higher occupancy rates – it makes it easier to attract new tenants to your building.

You’re building will be more energy efficient and green. 3M Window film transforms regular windows into high-performance ones and, if you already have high-performance windows, it will make them even better.

In a recent study 3M, Sun Control Films reduced energy use by as much as 19 kWh for every square foot of windows. Translation: You can massively lower your energy costs.

You can improve the look of your building. Tenant clutter, that’s the word used to describe what you see when you look up at a building and see the backs of computers, wiring, file cabinets and assorted other items. Too much and it detracts from the look of even the most beautiful building. The right 3M Window Films will mask all the clutter and give you a smoother, more beautiful building almost overnight. The transformation can seem magical.

  • You can get all these benefits without changing the look of your building at all.  One of the amazing things about window film is that you have options.  You can change the look and image of your building or gain the benefits of window film without changing the look at all.

Metro Tint Texas is your large commercial building installation specialist. Metro Tint personnel have been provided window film installation services throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and even Africa and they are experts. We can certainly help you with any window film application – solar control, decorative or security – you need.

Contact Metro Tint Texas for a quote, consultation for commercial window tinting in Dallas and Fort Worth or if you simply have a few questions about window tinting and how it will make your building better.