Fight the Cold in Dallas with 3M Thinsulate Window Film

Posted - January 17, 2018

Tired of high heating and cooling bills? You can save money on your heating and cooling bill with 3M Thinsulate Window Film.

It’s cold here in Dallas – 15° F as I write. Your heater needs to work overtime when temperatures are this low. The temperature difference between the inside and the outside is huge. The heat inside your house wants to go outside. And that costs you money.

Obviously, you want to keep the cold outside and the heat inside during the cold months. When it’s warm the problem flips. You want to keep the heat outside and the cold inside, right?

3M Thinsulate Window Film lets you do both.

3M’s Thinsulate 75 Climate Control window film is a high technology “Low E” (low emissivity) window film that increases your window the insulation.

It’s the affordable “smart” way to add the equivalent of another pane of glass.

Installed ion your window will boost single pane window performance close to that of a double pane. Double pane glass performs like triple pane. And for a fraction of the cost of new windows.

The great news – it’s a lot more affordable than new glass.

3M Thinsulate Window Films give you “Value for Money”.

These states of the art window films make your home more comfortable, energy efficient and protects you from sun damage and fading. And it does all this without changing the look of your windows.

3M Thinsulate 75 Window Film comes with a lifetime warranty for residential applications.

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