Happy New Year!

Posted - January 1, 2018

Happy New Year everybody. Let’s begin 2018 on a positive note. 2017 had too much negativity, in our humble opinion.

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. No matter how great your 2017 was, we hope 2018 is better.

In our own small way, we would like to help you. If you want a more comfortable home, more safety and to add some design flair, we can help. We deal in safety, energy efficiency and design. Window film is the primary way we do this – it’s not the only way, but it’s often one of the best.

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Give Yourself the Gift of Better Glass This Year

Too much heat coming through your windows? We can reduce it. Too much glare on your TV? We can reduce that too. Concerned with energy conservation? Window Film can help there too.

Sun control Window Films will reduce the heat, glare and harmful rays coming through your windows and glass doors. They make your home more comfortable and livable. They save you money by reducing the need for electricity.

Window Films are environmentally friendly. By reducing the need for air conditioning, they lower the demand for electricity. Less electricity demand means fewer emissions, less need for new power plants or non-renewable energy sources. And window films will reduce your carbon footprint.

“But I Have Low E Glass, do I Still Need Window Film?”

Like everything in life, there is good low e glass and crappy low e glass. Luckily, there’s a simple test you can use to determine if window film will help. Here’s how to tell:

If you have blinds, drapes or curtains open them. Is it too hot? If it is then window film will help.

It really is that simple. Call us at 800-297-3862

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