Is it Worth it to Tint House Windows?

Getting your windows tinted can help reduce your energy bill.

Making the finishing touches on your new home can be an exciting experience for homeowners. You may have spent plenty of time determining what color to paint the exterior or what type of door knob to install at the entrance. You may have also picked out different types of windows to match your tastes and needs.

Selecting the right windows for your home is important because these items impact the amount of natural light that enters your home, the level of privacy you will enjoy, and even how warm or cool your home will get during different seasons. You may be surprised to learn that you can alter each of these qualities by getting your windows tinted.

Window tinting offers a number of benefits, so if you were wondering, “Is it worth it to tint house windows?”, the answer is a resounding Yes. Let’s examine the various reasons why you should consider tinting your home’s windows.

1. Boosting Privacy

Many people get their windows tinted to boost their privacy. This can be a good strategy if you would like to keep people from outside from peering into your home. However, it could be said that blinds or shutters can also be used for this purpose.

Blinds or shutters certainly do boost your privacy. However, these also limit your view of the outside world. Getting window tints offers a good balance between privacy and being able to still see outside clearly.

2. Protecting Furniture and Fixtures

Many types of furniture and fixtures may get damaged or fade over time from prolonged sunlight exposure. It’s not uncommon for the lifespan of a leather chair or couch placed next to a window to decrease greatly. Similarly, some types of hardwood floors tend to fade after being subjected to the sun’s rays for many years.

Getting window tints helps reduce the rate that this sunlight damage occurs at. Modern window tints are designed to limit the amount of sunlight that enters your home and falls on your furniture and fixtures. These tints also accomplish this without compromising your view of the outdoors.

3. Reducing Glare on Television and Computer Displays

If your residence is located in an open area and does not enjoy shade from surrounding buildings or trees, you may have to deal with external light creating a glare on your television and computer displays. This can be a persistent problem if you work from home or enjoy using your television during the daytime.

The good news is that window tints can help reduce or even eliminate this issue. Window tints block out a significant percentage of sunlight, which greatly reduces the amount of glare you experience on your television or computer display. This offers a great solution for people who want to reduce glare without completely blocking out external sunlight using blinds or shutters.

4. Saving on Your Energy Bill

The average Texan spends over $1,000 a year on their energy bill. Some of these costs are inevitable if your household contains a refrigerator and different electrical appliances such as WiFi routers that are always on. However, air conditioning systems also make up a significant portion of your energy bill.

Most Texans turn up their air-conditioning to make their home feel more comfortable in the summertime. However, this comfort comes at a heavy price and it’s not uncommon for your energy bill to go through the roof during the summer months.

If you live in an old home with poor seals and little to no insulation, you may have to keep your air-conditioning running continuously during the summer months. Many people don’t realize the cost of this comfort until they receive their energy bill at the end of the month.

The good news is that it is possible to reduce your energy bill by investing in window tints. This is because window tints block a significant percentage of sunlight and prevent it from entering your home. This sunlight exposure can increase your home’s average internal temperature, so blocking it out with window tints can help keep things cool during the sunny summer months.

This means homeowners can reduce their energy consumption and their energy bill by making a one-time investment in window tints.

5. Preventing Burglary

Believe it or not, you may be able to reduce the chances of your home being broken into by investing in window tints. Many modern window tint films are designed to strengthen the glass they are applied to. Such films prevent glass from being shattered when struck by an object.

Burglars who attempt to break into your home by smashing your windows will have a much harder time if there are window tints in place. This subtle security feature can help protect homeowners and their belongings from potential theft.

Is it Worth it to Tint House Windows?

After learning about the benefits mentioned above, you may still be wondering  if it is worth tinting your house windows. It is estimated that American homeowners can expect to pay between $311 and $712 to get their windows tinted. The national average cost is currently $661.

This tinting cost may seem steep for some homeowners. However, this cost is minimal compared to the value of the benefits that window tinting offers. For example, you can save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill each year by investing in window tints.

Similarly, homeowners can also prolong the lifespan of their furniture and prevent burglaries thanks to window tints. When all these benefits are combined, window tints could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

If you are interested in getting your home’s windows tinted, please reach out to Metro Tint. We have been serving Texans for numerous years and strive to provide affordable and high-quality window tint treatment. Please contact us to learn about the different types of window tints we offer and to get a free estimate for your home’s window tinting.