Looking for Office Window Tinting in Dallas?

Posted - January 5, 2018

Want to reduce heat, glare, and light for a more comfortable and pleasant environment? Here’s how to find the best office window tinting in and around Dallas?


There are three things to look for.

Experience working with Commercial Customers

Look for a window tinting company with commercial window tinting experience. Office buildings are demanding and productive environments. Your tinting company needs to relate well to your tenants.

They communicate well with property management, work around building schedules and provide the high level of customer support building management demands.

The team at Metro Tint Texas have worked with prominent commercial properties around the globe.

A Wide Portfolio of Quality Products

They have proven products. Office window tinting is an investment. You’ll have your windows for a long time.

You need a quality product backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Quality products perform better and look better longer. Using a major manufacturer is a safe bet. Should something go wrong you won’t have to worry.

For office window tinting, we offer 3M Window Films, widely recognized as one of the best window films available. These include:

The 3M Prestige Series high performance, high visible light transmission window films. They are less reflective than glass and contain no metals. You get high performance without changing the look of the building.

The 3M Night Vision dual reflective window film. Night vision films are less reflective on the inside of your window. They allow you to see out more easily at night (hence the name). These films have a warm color that reduces eyestrain.

The 3M “Classic” series reflective and neutral window films. These older technology window films give the most “bang for your buck”. Top notch heat rejection without breaking the bank.

Professional Installation for your Office Window Tint Project

We have been providing office window tinting installation services for more than 15 years. Whether we need a single installer or multiple teams spread across Texas we can do it.

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Let us help you select the perfect window film for your office. Whatever your priority – performance, look, price or all three – we can help.

When it comes to office window tinting, Metro Tint Texas checks all the boxes. Call us at 800-297-3862. We’ll treat you right.

Metro Tint Texas, your Dallas Office Window Tinting specialists.