The north Texas city of Plano takes its name from the Spanish word for “flat,” in reference to the smooth, undisturbed terrain all around the settlement when it was founded in the mid-nineteenth century. However, it has long since evolved into a bustling metropolis and a corporate powerhouse. It’s a mere 17 miles away from Downtown Dallas, and it frequently ranks highly in listings of the most popular and “livable” cities in the United States. Of course, it’s not hard to see why. There is a great deal to admire, such as the wealth of employment opportunities, not to mention the subtropical climate.

Plano is also a hub of commerce, and is home to the national headquarters of some of the country’s biggest companies. J.C. Penney, Pizza Hut and Dr Pepper are just a few of the large corporations based there. But it’s not just a place for business travelers; there is also a thriving tourism trade, with such fascinating sites of historical interest as the Interurban Railway Museum and the Heritage Farmstead Museum as essential resources to learn about everyday life in generations gone by. For more contemporary entertainment, there are a range of annual events such as AsiaFest, which takes place each May to honor Plano’s thriving Asian communities.

Plano also has a very interesting cultural background, and some of its residents have gone on to achieve big things in the worlds of sport and entertainment. For example, musician Boz Scaggs, iconic science fiction author L. Sprague de Camp and chess grandmaster Jeffrey Xiong all hail from the city. And in terms of growth, Plano shows no signs of slowing down. Its population is rapidly approaching 300,000, and recent HQ relocations by Toyota and JP Morgan Chase have sparked considerable upturns in employment and out-of-state investment. Overall, Plano, Texas is a frequently underestimated jewel in the crown of the Lone Star state

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