Understanding Retail Security: A Modern Necessity

Posted - April 3, 2024
Retail security installation | Commercial window tinting by Metro Tint Texas

Retail break-ins are, unfortunately, becoming more common, especially in cities. Because of this businesses have a critical need for robust and effective retail security measures. There are three primary technologies available to cost-effectively protect your business from break-ins, vandals and thieves. These technologies are:

  • Security window film
  • Riot Glass Polycarbonate Security Panels
  • Bullet Resistant Glass

Enhancing retail space security requires choosing the right protective measures. Security window film, Riot Glass, and bullet resistant glass offer distinct benefits for various security needs. This comparison gives businesses the information they need to make informed decisions.

Security Window Film: Delaying Entry Through Glass Doors and Windows

Security window film is designed to hold glass together under attack. This make’s it harder to both shatter the glass and, once shattered, to break though it. Usually installed on the inside of the glass, these tough, resilient films make it harder to get in. It also makes the attempt¬† noisy and difficult. If the glass breaks, the film keeps the shards together, making it challenging for intruders.

Security films come in various thicknesses, the most common between 8mil and 15mil. Thicker films have proven themselves to be better are stopping intruders than thinner films. It’s also important to anchor security films to the framing system of the window or door. Anchoring bonds the film to the structure of the frame, forging it into a cohesive barrier.

Security window film is also the least expensive of the three options.This adaptability and cost-effectiveness make security window film a smart choice for businesses with lower risk levels.

Riot Glass: High Level Protection for Retail Stores

But what if you’re not a low risk business? That’s where Riot Glass is a great option. Riot Glass offers a step up in security with its reinforced polycarbonate panels that mount over existing glass, providing a robust defense against high-impact forces and severe attack.

Riot Glass Retail Security Installation by Metro Tint Texas

Riot Glass security panels installed on a retail storefront

Specially designed to withstand aggressive attempts at entry using tools such as bats, rocks and hammers, Riot Glass ensures that windows and doors effectively become impenetrable barriers. Whereas security window film is designed to delay entry, Riot Glass is designed to stop intruders.

And Riot Glass blends in seamlessly with your storefront. It’s clear panels maintains natural light and visibility, Riot Glass delivers superior protection without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of the retail space. This solution is ideal for businesses located in areas prone to break-ins and those seeking to enhance their security without complete window replacement. If you’ve experienced multiple break-in attempts this might be the right choice.

Bullet Resistant Glass: Fortifying Retail Security for High-Risk Businesses

Bullet resistant glass stands as the top retail security solution, providing unparalleled protection for high-risk businesses such as cash stores, cellphone stores, and smoke shops. As the name implies, this is needed when there is a threat of people shooting at you. And it’s not just bullet protection, it also defends against break-ins and armed robbery attempts.

Retail Security Ballistic Glass Installation | Bulletproof glass

This glass protects valuable goods and boosts confidence in employees and customers, securing the shopping experience. Adding this protection to a retail space greatly lowers theft and violence risks, making it a crucial investment for businesses like convenience and cash stores where the threat of armed attack is high.

Making the Right Choice for Your Retail Space

Choosing between security window film, Riot Glass, and bullet resistant glass depends on a variety of factors, including the specific security threats faced, budget considerations, and the importance of maintaining a welcoming appearance for customers. Security window film offers a cost-effective, flexible solution for basic protection, Riot Glass provides a more robust defense against physical attacks, and bullet resistant glass offers the highest level of security against severe threats. Retailers must assess their unique needs to select the most appropriate security enhancements for their stores, ensuring the safety of their premises, merchandise, and people.

Take the Next Step Towards Secure Retail Space

Deciding on the right security measure for your retail space is a critical step towards safeguarding your business, assets, and customers. Whether you’re leaning towards the flexibility of security window film, the unparalleled strength of Riot Glass or the unique need for bullet resistant glass, Metro Tint Texas is here to guide you through your options. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Don’t leave your retail security to chance. Contact Metro Tint Texas today for more information or to schedule a free consultation. Let us help you enhance your property’s security with solutions designed for today’s retail environment. Your peace of mind is just a conversation away.

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