Reunion Tower

The Reunion Tower is basically an observation tower that has a maximum height of 171 meters (561 feet). Undoubtedly, this tower is one of the most visited monuments by many people. The Reunion Tower is located in Dallas, Texas in the south of the United States of America, precisely at 300 Reunion Boulevard (Reunion Blvd).

It is important to mention that this tower is part of the Hyatt Regency Hotel complex. Not only that, Reunion Tower is currently the fifteenth tallest building in all of Dallas, Texas.


This tower was built specifically on February 2, 1978. Previously, this tower was called “the ball”. This grandiose building was part of an urban reconstruction plan, the main objective was to renovate the famous Union Railroad Station.

When Reunion Tower first opened, many people wanted to go to this grand, modern building. On opening day, this tower had a radio station called “KOAX-FM”. Today that radio station is known with the name “KRLD-FM 105.3 FM”.

Years later, on November 16, 2007, Reunion Tower was closed to the public for maintenance and renovation. Then, in 2009, the tower opened a restaurant. But the reinauguration of this grandiose building was on October 5, 2013, precisely on the 35th anniversary of this tower.


The architecture of this building is simply breathtaking. At night, the “globe” at the top of the building has 259 fully customized LED elements. This means that it is truly a unique experience to observe this grandiose building.

In addition, this tower has elevators. In addition, Reunion Tower has some facilities such as a small “restaurant” and a club called “The Dome”. On holidays, this building is illuminated with different colors.

What does Reunion Tower offer?

This tower has a high-quality revolving restaurant, called “Five Sixty”. In addition, this tower also offers a lounge for special events.

It also offers an excellent view of the entire city. The observation point is called “GeO-Deck”. In addition, you can also get information about the most relevant sites in Dallas. Outside there are telescopes for you to detail the city.

You can even access Cloud 9 Café directly from the observation platform. It is worth mentioning that Cloud 9 Café serves meals and snacks. This tower also offers a gift store with novelty, unique and special items from Dallas.

Of course, this tower also offers a unique experience. If you are visiting Dallas, remember to also visit this incredible observation tower.

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