Safety & Solar Security Film for DFW Retail Storefronts

Posted - September 25, 2019
Solar Security Storefront window tinting

Glass Storefronts – Beauty and Danger

Restaurants, retail stores, and businesses have glass storefronts for a reason. Call it “curb appeal” or a way to lower “Threshold Resistance”, Glass storefronts let people see into the store, display merchandise and bring in sunlight. They set the tone and ambiance for business, letting you put your best foot forward.

They make your business more inviting.

But for a lot of businesses, retail and restaurants in particular, unprotected clear glass in their storefront windows can be a problem. Sunlight streaming in through the glass brings in an incredible amount of fade, glare, and heat. This destroys merchandise, fades displays and makes these stores uncomfortable for both the customers and employees.

Solar Security Storefront Window Tinting

Get happier customers. Solar Control window film on this storefront reduces glare and heat.

Every day the sun damage gets worse. Floors and furniture fade, display merchandise becomes unattractive and customers are hot and uncomfortable. Unprotected windows also let in a lot of heat, so business owners also get high heating and cooling bills.

Blinds, solar screens, and window treatments aren’t the solution. They block the view, reduce curb appeal and hide display merchandise. They also don’t block the heat coming through the glass. All they can do is trap heat behind them.

And there’s the safety issue. Physical obstructions like blinds and curtains make it hard for law enforcement to see clearly inside when there’s a burglary or break-in.

Not to mention that glass is the weakest point in the building envelope. If someone wants to break in they can do so easily by breaking the glass with a hammer, rock or other devices. Unprotected glass and windows offer easy access to your building.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Security and Solar Security Window Films Protect and Beautify Storefronts

Solar security window films combine the benefits of sun control window film – less, heat, glare and protection from sun damage – with the protection of the tougher, thicker security films. They give you the best of both worlds. These tough protective coatings filter out 99.9% of the damaging UV and protect against forced entry and burglary.

Metro Tint Texas are experts in specifying and installing our line of leading clear security and solar security window films. These widow films protect displays, floors, and customers form the sun. But they also do more.

Combined solar security film reduces glare and heat while protecting against burglaries and break-ins. Available in a wide range of visible light transmissions and shadings so store managers and owners can choose the film that works best for their location.

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