SANI SPORT SANI DefenX VE for easy and effective sanitizing of surfaces, floor and offices.

Posted - March 27, 2020
SANI DefenX to sanitize and disinfect

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world and taking over headlines there’s a heightened interest in making sure our environment is “germ free”.

Looking for a fast, easy and proven way to disinfect and sanitize facilities, offices and businesses? Metro tint is proud to offer, through our sister company “The Bearfish Group“, the SANI DefenX VE. This is simply the best way for companies, business and facilities to rapidly and effectively sanitize and disinfect their spaces.

What is the SANI DefenX VE?

The SANI DefenX VE is a portable sanitizing unit designed to reduce harmful virus and bacteria on all surfaces in an enclosed space. Using a combination of accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone this unit is ideal for killing harmful viruses and bacteria on

  • Ceilings, floors and walls
  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches
  • Desks
  • Telephones
  • Gym Equipment
  • Gym Mats

It also disinfects the ambient air, leaving the area germ-free.

Sanitizing a room is tough using traditional methods

Sanitizing and disinfecting a room, office or object typically involves using steam, spraying an area with disinfectant or wiping it down with disinfectant wipes. It’s how it’s always been done.

The challenge of course, aside from the time-consuming work and mess is, how do you know you got everything? Cleaning can only be so thorough – check out how hard it is on crime shows to destroy evidence – and viruses can hide in the smallest areas.

And then there’s human error. As hard as we try it’s tough to get everything. It’s virtually impossible to get 100% coverage.

SANI DefenX is Proven, Effective and Simple to Operate.

Simply set the compact SANI DefenX unit in the area you want to disinfect. Set the timer to the appropriate length. Turn it on and leave the area while the unit does its work.

It is that easy.

How effective is it? Third party lab testing has shown it moves up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus.

And the disinfection process distributes the disinfecting solution to all areas of the room, including the difficult to reach area manual disinfection attempts often miss.

Residue-free, people can occupy the space immediately after sanitization has taken place.

For more information on the SANI DefendX go to The Bearfish Group or contact us.