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Metro Tint Texas has extensive experience securing buildings against intrusion, break-ins and natural disasters like tornados, severe storms, and earthquakes.

Which security solution is the right choice for your property?

Metro Tint Texas Security Consulting can help you answer that question. We will evaluate your property, situation, and threat to ascertain your most effective solution. We will then guide you through every step towards generating a Request-For-Proposal.

We can also implement and integrate your security solution.

Getting your security system right is our passion and our mission. We understand we are protecting lives and property.

We want to provide building owners, managers and security personnel with the knowledge they need for informed decisions. Very few security consulting firms, architects, or building engineers can match our comprehensive knowledge of glazing security and the pro’s and con’s associated with security window film, forced entry glass, and bullet resistant windows.

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Teaming with Metro Tint Texas gives you the experience

of a company that has completed security installations for more than 47 high-value buildings around the world including:

  • US Capital building
  • European capital building
  • Various US Embassies
  • Shell Oil Tankers
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Company
  • Crocker Building
  • London 2012 Olympics
  • Berlaymont Building, Brussels Belgium

We design our systems to meet real-world threats with an eye to meeting budgetary constraints. Contact us to learn how we can help you with your security project.

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