Security Film Strength

Before getting a security film installed on your windows, you’re probably going to want to know a thing or two about it. For starters, exactly how strong is security film supposed to be? On top of that, what goes into making a security film that allows it to be strong? These are all valid questions that we’ll answer here for you.

How Is Security Film Made?

Most security film is made of one or more layers of polyester film, which have been stuck together with special adhesives. There is a range in thickness on different types of security film (anything between 4mm and 15 mm).

As technology and materials have advanced, many companies have started working with nanotechnology to explore their strength in their security films. Thinner security films are made much stronger because of this.

Security Film Strength

The strength of a security film generally depends on how many layers have gone into making it. Security film with more layers is much thicker and therefore stronger, meaning it will do a better job at what it’s designed to do. The thicker film is more durable and designed for the most secure of buildings. Thinner films are generally used more for tinting.

Getting The Right Strength For You

Obviously, the strength that you need from your security film installation can vary based on your needs. It helps to contact a professional service (which is offered at Metro Tint Texas). They will give you the options and thickness that you require to ensure the security film does the job you require of it.

If you’re protecting your windows from potential vandalism or securing your home from robbery, you’ll need a thicker and stronger film. If you’re looking to get a tint or solar protection on your windows, a thinner, less strong film is probably more desirable for you.

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