Security Window Film, Protect Your Home, Office or School

Posted - September 26, 2017

Did you know, from a security standpoint, that your glass door and windows are the weakest parts of your home, office or building?  If someone gets inside this Security Window Filmis how they are going to do it.

And you know it.  In nearly every surveillance video you see, the bad guys get in by breaking a window or sliding glass door.  It’s too easy.

If you haven’t taken steps to protect yourself from an easy break-in then you, your family and your property are at risk.

Metro Tint Texas is your 3M Window Film dealer for strong and effective security window film.

Keep the bad guys out.

Safety and security window films are the stronger and tougher cousins of the better-known solar control films.  These shatter resistant films are designed to deter, delay and deny entry through your glass.

And to make your home or business safer and more secure.

You can choose a clear security film so no one knows it’s there or go with one of the tinted versions to combine privacy and energy savings with a high level of protection.

Military Grade Protection

Our security films are approved and used by the Federal government to protect their buildings and offices.

These films have been installed for protection around the world, and now they can protect you.

security window film attachment system

Applying a security window film attachment system.

We recommend using an optional attachment system to secure the film to your window frame.  When used together they create a strong, secure barrier to entry.

We are Security Widow Film Professionals

We are window film experts. Metro Tint, while new to the Dallas metroplex, has been installing security window films to protect homes, businesses and government buildings since 1988.

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