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Metro Tint Texas offers a variety of security solutions designed to protect property and people against the hazards of broken glass. Windows and glass doors are the weakest and most vulnerable parts of your building’s structure. You know glass can break from a variety of causes, both natural and manmade, and that securing your windows and glass doors is vital.

Whether the threat is from severe weather, hail, bomb blast or an active shooter, we have the security solution to meet your needs.

Protection against crime, threats, and vandalism.

We live in unsettling times. Terrorism, soaring crime rates, and active shooters are a reality in today’s world. Metro Tint Texas has ways to protect your building and business by reinforcing and strengthening your building envelope.

How to Protect against any threat

A Multi-Level Tiered Security Approach

Safety & Security Window Films provide a basic level of glazing protection. Available in clear and “tinted” versions, these tough, resilient films are designed to hold the glass in place to delay, deter and deny entry. Originally developed for bomb blast mitigation these films have proven effective against “Smash & Grab” crimes, burglaries and severe weather.

Breach Protection Glass is the next step up in glazing protection. Ideal for those situations where a higher level of glass protection is needed. Designed and developed for businesses like gun stores, jewelry stores, and cash stores that face high-level threats. A retrofit option, this glass can delay entry for up to 30 – 60 minutes.

Bullet Resistant “Ballistic” Glass provides the highest level of glazing and glass protection. Metro Tint Texas and our sister company, Holdfast Security Group offers bullet resistant glass solutions providing ballistic protection ranging from UL 752 Level 1 up through UL 752 Level 10 and beyond.

Protect Your Property with Proven Security Solutions for Businesses

Our Safety and Security Products not only meet the required certification and test standards, but they have also proven effective in real-world situations. Having installed security solutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa where bombs, break-in’s and shooters are a frequent threat we’ve seen what works. You and your business can benefit from our experience.

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