Skylight Tinting

Reduce harsh Sunlight and Solar Heat with Commercial Skylight Window Tinting
Commercial buildings can improve the energy efficiency of skylight glass and make it more comfortable in the spaces below with skylight window film.

Skylights are wonderful. They let natural light into the dark recesses of a building, reducing our lighting bills as well as enjoying the physiological benefits of sunlight. There is a downside however…

The Skylight Problem – Too much unfiltered light
Sometimes skylights let in too much light and heat, making the spaces below them uncomfortably hot and bright.

But there’s a fix for that. Metro Tint Texas can engineer the exact desired level of sunlight and heat coming through your skylight windows. How do we do it? Skylight Tinting! With today’s high technology glass tinting films specially designed for skylights.

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Why window film for your skylights?

Skylight window tint gives you the same benefits as it does on your windows:

  • Less Solar Heat and Glare through your sunlight
  • To protect your furniture, floors and artwork from harmful sun damage and UV rays.
  • Lower Utility bills
  • Greater tenant comfort
  • Energy Savings

The Metro Tint difference
Metro Tint personnel have been successfully installing skylight window tint for 20+ years. Everything from small residential skylights to large commercial glass atriums, ceilings and curtain walls.

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You can benefit from our experience.

We make sure you get the perfect window film to meet the needs of your skylight. Our process includes advanced computer models and checklists that determine the strength of your glass and the appropriate films to be applied. We sit down with and discuss your objectives and then, based on our data and your information we’ll apply film samples so you can make the right decision for your skylight.

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