Storefront window protection in Dallas, Irving and Frisco

Posted - October 9, 2019
Storefront Window Protection

Here’s something store owners don’t like to think about – It’s super easy to break into your building by breaking through unprotected storefront glass. The gentleman in the video below simply hit the door with a rock and…voila…was into the store in seconds.

Nobody wants to be a victim. That’s why we invest in alarms, cameras and access control systems. They provide a sense of security and safety. And they do a great job of what they were designed to do.

The alarm went off. Someone, somewhere knew, “Someone broke into the store.” The camera started rolling and recorded the scene above for our viewing pleasure.

Heck, that’s how we got the video above.

What these “security systems” didn’t do, however, was keep the bad guy out of the store. That’s what you want. That’s real security.

Security Window Film slows down and stops people from breaking through your glass doors and windows.

Security window film is a simple, affordable and easy-to-implement way to enhance your storefront window protection. When properly installed, these thick polyester films can protect property, employees, and customers by keeping bad guys and the bad things out of the building.

It’s simple really. Standard storefront window glass is easy to break. Hit it with a rock, hammer or anything handy and you can break down through a glass door or window in seconds.
Storefront Security Window Film

If you own a business the only reason you haven’t been broken into is that someone hasn’t thought about it yet. Or you’ve don’t have anything worth taking.

But it’s not always about taking stuff. Sometimes people want to destroy things for the fun of it. It’s true. Vandalism happens because people are bored.

Or feeling destructive…

Or it just wasn’t your day.

Of course, it may never happen to you or your business. You can be in business for fifty years and not be broken into or robbed.  That’s the way we all hope it turns out.

But hope isn’t a method you can rely upon. The world can be an unpredictable and violent place. The best strategy is to hope for the best while preparing for the worst.

Storefront Armor – scale your Defense to the Threat

Metro Tint has a full range of what we call “Storefront Armor Systems” designed to scale the level of protection for your business to both the threat and your budget. Storefront Armor Systems include:

When you want to protect your business from the bad guys, from smash and grab thrillseekers to active shooters, Metro Tint Texas has the right product to meet the threat. Don’t be a victim. Give us a call.

Metro Tint can quickly and affordably protect your business from break-ins, burglaries and active shooter events.

Metro Tint’s wide selection of window security films, ArmorPlast panels, and bullet resistant glass enables you to scale your security solution to the threat and your budget.

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