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Posted - September 25, 2017

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), commercial buildings account for a whopping 19% of all energy use in the United States.  Not coincidentally they are responsible for 19% of greenhouse gas emissions as well.  That’s a lot of energy, money, and CO2.

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This is great news because…

It means we can have a massive, positive impact on the world, ourselves and our community by taking steps to improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings here in Dallas and throughout the United States.

In fact, reducing the overall energy consumption of commercial buildings by 1% – 2% can save millions of dollars and eliminate thousands of tons of carbon. And we can do it now.  The technology simple and already here.

Metro Tint Texas provides cost-effective energy saving and security solutions for commercial, retail and government properties.  We improve the energy efficiency of your building envelopes by applying window film.  It’s that simple.

Window Film is one of the quickest, cheapest and best ways to rapidly improve your glass and windows.

Metro Tint Texas services include:

Building Envelope Assessment and Evaluation – Every building is different in terms of age, glass, HVAC systems and location.  To recommend the right window film for your building we survey your building, calculate your potential savings using sophisticated software tools and provide you and your team with a written report.  Our recommendations and the calculated energy savings tailored to your building.

Commercial Window Film Installation

Glazing Surveys – We will inspect and analyze your buildings glass and windows.

Window Film Installation Services – Whether you have one building or a hundred, are in a single city or have locations spread across the US or even overseas Metro Tint will arrange, coordinate and see to it that your window film is installed correctly, on time and on budget.

In addition to our organic installation teams, we maintain a network of window film installers throughout the United States and around the world. We can even cover window film installations in sub-Saharan Africa.  Our installers are experienced, professional and specially trained to ensure the job is done right.

Commercial Window Film Project Management – Metro Tint has the experience and expertise needed to manage your project well. Our project managers have successfully managed very large and complex projects ranging from single, large buildings to multiple locations spread out across a large area.  Our Metro Tint project teams will analyze your project and determine the right strategy needed to complete it on time and to the highest quality.  From start to finish to follow-up you can rest easy with the confidence that your project will be done right.

For commercial window tinting throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex contact Metro Tint Texas today.

Commercial buildings include, but aren’t limited to – Office buildings, retail stores, schools, churches, museums, hospitals, warehouses, and jails.