Three Big Benefits from Tinting Your Commercial Building

Posted - October 15, 2019
Commercial window tinting installation

Window film has a lot of benefits for your commercial building. Here are three ways commercial window tinting will improve your return-on-investment, reduce costs and increase revenue/cash flow.

Benefit #1 – You will spend less money on energy.

If you own or manage a commercial building you know they use a tremendous amount of energy? In fact, an estimated 28% of cooling expenses are due to solar heat through the windows.

Window Film Saves Money
28%! And that’s an average. Your building may use more or less depending on things like the number of windows, type of glass and where your building is located.

Even in the winter, many buildings with a lot of glass need to run the air conditioning to cool the building. They generate that much solar heat.

Window film will make your windows more energy-efficient, reducing the amount of solar heat coming into your building. They have been shown to reduce energy bills by as much as 10%

For a fraction of the cost of new glass.

Now that’s a smart investment.

Benefit #2 – Your tenants will be more comfortable and productive

Solar heat comes through your windows all year long. High summer temperatures raise the building temperature and the load on the air conditioning system. In the winter the lower angle of the sun beams heat and glare directly in through your windows.

Both situations not only tax your HVAC equipment and raise energy costs, but they also make your tenants and employees hot and uncomfortable.

And nothing undermines tenant retention like an uncomfortable building.

With window film, you can reduce overabundant solar heat for a more comfortable building.

Happy, Productive Empolyees

And comfortable tenants are happy tenants which, as every property manager knows, is awesome.

Because they reduce solar heat up to 82% (Wow!) solar control films help keep rooms at an even, comfortable temperature. They also make it much, much easier to balance the air conditioning load in your building. No more hot and cold spots as the sun moves throughout the day.

In fact, window films can lower the temperature in direct sunlight by as much as 9ºF (that’s 5ºC for you metric types).

That’s a big temperature swing.

Benefit #3 – Your building will be more pleasant and inviting

Modern window films soften the harsh light coming through the glass and enhance the view looking out. Like sunglasses on a bright, sunny day, window film makes the sky pop, lessens eye strain and makes for a better, happier work environment.

Modern dual-Reflective window films are engineered to keep the sun out during the day while letting you see out at night. Older window film technologies are single-reflective. This means they are just as reflective on the inside as they are on the outside.

These older films do a great job of keeping the sun out during the day, but people in the building at night can’t see outside. The exterior “mirror-like” reflection “flips at night, bringing the reflection to the inside of the glass.

Dual reflective films are less reflective on the inside so this doesn’t happen. You won’t get that “boxed in” feeling.

In fact, sun control window film is one of the most effective building improvement tools at your disposal, returning the investment needed to install them in a few short years.

“Window films typically payback in as short as 3 years.”

– US Dept. of Energy

So there you have it, three big benefits of commercial window tinting. And that’s not all. Window film will also:

Now that’s a lot of benefits you get from a simple, proven and affordable technology.

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