Top 10 Things to Know Before Installing Riot Glass

Affordable Riot glass

Having large glass windows in your home can be aesthetically pleasing and make the atmosphere more pleasant. On a snowy or rainy day, you can sit by the window and enjoy your favorite book without worrying about the water getting in.

Unfortunately, these glass windows also tend to be more susceptible to damage. Even smaller windows can get chipped, cracked, or face other issues which would require you to replace them every few months. This frequent replacement can cause further damage, as it can weaken the material around the window.

In order to avoid this issue, you can opt for affordable riot glass. Here are the top 10 things to know before installing riot glass.

Affordable Riot Glass

The advancement in glass technology has made shatterproof glass more accessible for common people. However, before you start looking for people to install riot glass on your windows, here are a few things that you should be aware of.

1. Shatterproof Glass May Not Mean the Same Thing Everyone

First of all, it is important to note that shatterproof glass is sort of an umbrella term and can be used for a variety of security glass products. In general home use, shatterproof glass may refer to laminated and security glass.

While these are stronger than the regular glass panes installed in most windows, these aren’t as unbreakable as you might believe. However, it is very shatter-resistant and can withhold a lot of damage that most glass panes can’t. Be sure to have a thorough discussion with the manufacturer before having these installed in your house.

2. It Strengthens the Foundation of Your House

Despite not being entirely unbreakable, you should still 100% consider having riot glass installed in your house. This is especially important if you live in an area that is prone to cyclones or storms. When any such calamity occurs, glass windows are usually the first thing to succumb to the damage. And once the glass is broken, it makes the rest of the house structure more vulnerable to damage.

Riot glass can generally withstand storms without getting damaged. Therefore, it might not add anything to the foundation of your house, but it can overall make it stronger, sturdier, and more resistant to damage.

3. Lower Energy Costs

Shatterproof glass is usually installed over preexisting glass windows. This means that you are essentially turning a single-pane window into a double-pane window. As a result, the temperature inside the house is less affected by the temperature outside.

As a result, the air conditioner or heater doesn’t need to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature, leading to lower electricity bills at the end of the month.

4. Protects Against Sunrays

We’re all aware of the damage the harmful ultraviolet rays can cause in the long run. Yet, you might not think too much about it while you’re inside your house. Sadly, the basic glass panes cannot keep the harsh UV rays outside.

On the other hand, riot glass filters out most of the UV rays, which protects you from the harmful effects. Additionally, it also protects your furniture and fabrics from fading away due to being exposed to sunlight.

5. Moderately Sound Proof

While shatterproof glass isn’t entirely soundproof, it blocks out a lot of the sound transmission. The laminated security glass has a thermoplastic interlayer which helps block out a lot of the sound.

This can be very beneficial for people who live in particularly busy or loud areas. Once you have riot glass installed in your house, you’ll notice a significant reduction in the sound that enters your house.

6. Prevents Burglars from Entering

One of the best and most practical ways to ensure that thieves don’t break into your house is to install riot glass. If a lot of your windows and screens have glass panes, breaking them to get in would be one of the first things a burglar might do.

As discussed earlier, these glasses aren’t entirely shatterproof. However, even the weakest of riot glasses won’t break on the first attempt. It would take a burglar at least 4 minutes to break in. If you have a good security system, this should be enough for the cops to get there; if the burglar continues hitting it instead of giving up after the first minute.

7. Protects Against Accident

What’s more annoying than having to replace your windows because some kids were playing baseball on the street? Riot glass can prevent you from having to make unnecessary expenditures due to such accidents.

Most shatterproof glass can easily withstand the damage without a crack. As discussed earlier, a consistent pressure of 4 or more minutes is required to break a riot glass. A few hits and accidents here and there won’t even be noticeable.

8. Doesn’t Impact Appearance

One thing you may be concerned about while installing riot glass is how it would impact the visibility from your glass windows. Rest assured, it looks just like regular glass, if not better. You will still be able to enjoy the view from your windows without any issues.

In fact, since riot glass is also scratch-resistant, the view may even be clearer in the long run. With shatterproof glass, you can make your windows even bigger, which will make the room feel even more spacious.

9. You May Have to Replace Your Windows

If you’re thinking about installing riot glass in your house, you may consider only replacing the preexisting glass in your windows. However, this may not be a suitable option, as the windows might not be compatible with the high-quality riot glass.

Instead, it is recommended to replace the entire window for the best results. If you were looking for a chance to upgrade your windows’ design, this could be a great opportunity to do so.

10. Have it Professionally Installed

You may be tempted to get riot glass and install it yourself to save a few bucks. However, this will not prove to be very beneficial in the long run. A badly installed riot glass will not provide the level of security that a professional job would.

So instead of increasing your expenditure, later on, make sure to get the job done by a professional. This will increase the life of the riot glass, which will save you from having to replace it anytime soon.

If you’ve decided that you want to have riot glass installed in your house and are looking for a reliable company in Texas, head over to Metro Tint today.