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Security window films are more difficult to install given that they are thicker than standard films. The thicker it is, the harder it is to cut through. You can basically vary the thickness – for instance, can choose 8 mm which is harder to cut or break through than a 4mm one.

Nevertheless, installing security window films is a great way of preventing smash and grab robbery. They can also give you a little more time in case of a break-in. When installed, a thug would need to create a hole through the film to be able to unlock a window or door.

This film also prevents your window from breaking too easily. If it does, it won’t shatter into small pieces, which can be a very helpful safety strategy because it won’t hurt anyone in the house. The pieces remain affixed on the film and will not fall to cause further risks.

However, it is essential to follow installation instructions to ensure the film is installed properly. If anything goes wrong during installation, they may not last long. Additionally, the film may not serve you well if you merely slap it on the window or door and it fails to adhere to the edges.

Secondly, it may mean you soon replace it and incur even more costs. You need to be careful when installing it in a DIY. There definitely are a lot of resources to use on top of the manufacturer’s guide.

Otherwise, you can call up an expert to help install security window films on your house. It eases the work. Consider that it can be very hard while on a DIY, to install a film without trapping in air or water underneath.

The first thing to do when installing a security window film is to buy an appropriate one. Basically, we mentioned that you can go for a 4 mm or 8 mm depending on your needs and preferences. Remember a security window film can be affixed on commercial and residential house windows and doors. There is no type of house window on which you can’t use it. The 4 mm is recommended for most residential houses because barely will you be aware from home and they are much better than the ordinary bare glass.

The 8 mm type can also be installed on residential but is more costly. However, it is also easier to work with. This one is more recommended for office doors and windows.

How to install is a professional affixing it on the inside of the window or door. That makes it even harder for a thief to break through the window or glass. Plus they will hardly notice that there is anything extra installed to prevent them from breaking into the house.

When installing, it is recommended to attach the security window film with adhesive around the edges of the window. This will secure the film to the window frame. This makes it even harder for anyone to remove the film from the window. Note that the windows must be cleaned first before attaching the film, and this should be done by scraping it and wiping it with a squeegee. You can then trim the film, wet the window with water or shampoo, remove the film backing, apply the film, then squeegee the surface of the window. Water is then pushed from the window edges using a hard card and paper towels.

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