Commercial Window Protection: Different Ways You Can Treat Your Windows to Protect Them

Commercial window protection

Commercial window protection covers your windows from dirt, grime, vandalism, and other problems. Commercial window protection is affordable to ensure that your company or building is always looking its best. You can use commercial window protection anywhere there are windows in a commercial setting. Whether it is a coffee shop, store, office building, they can all benefit from this type of protection. It will keep the windows clean and pristine-looking, something that will make customers want to come back again and again. However, there are several ways you can treat your commercial windows if you want to protect them from unwanted aspects.

Forced Entry Protection Glass

Forced entry protection glass is an option you can use in your commercial windows to deter criminals and protect your business from damages. It encompasses two or three layers of laminated, tempered safety glass with a layer between the panes designed for breakage when subjected to pressure, such as breaking into it. This construction helps make forced entry more difficult by creating “dead zones” where the window starts strong before becoming weaker in multiple places simultaneously. The dead zone allows time and space for criminal action but does not give them enough time to work effectively to gain access through this type of security feature. Understandably, this tough, resilient glass can delay entry into your business premises between 30 to 60 minutes.

Bullet Resistant Glass Solutions (BRGS)

Bullet Resistant Glass Solutions can protect your premises from forced entry, bombs, and bullets. That is possible because BRGS has a high density, making it difficult for projectiles to penetrate or break through the glass. Also, these solutions have low levels of thermal expansion, which results in tempered windows that are resistant against heat waves and shattering when broken by impact force–without losing ballistic performance.

Security Window Films and Attachment Systems

Security Window Films and Attachment Systems can prevent your business windows from being broken into or damaged. Security window films are durable materials that allow for minimal to no distortion in visibility and typically contain one transparent layer with multiple protective layers underneath it. That allows maximum protection while still allowing natural light through during daytime hours. Further, these films are designed to hold the window glasses together even when struck by debris, under repeated blows from a hammer or explosions. You can pair the commercial security films with an anchoring system if you want to secure them to a frame.

Commercial window protection will help protect your windows from these break-ins and make your home that much safer. It will also prevent your windows from becoming damaged by harsh weather conditions, such as sleet, hail, and rain. However, if you want to keep your windows looking great without spending a lot of time or money on them, Metro Tint is the best commercial window protection service for you. At Metro Tint, we provide custom window protective covers designed to fit any window to protect them from breakage and vandalism, resulting in costly repairs or even replacements. Our products not only help reduce expenses and increase revenue, but they also improve the look of your property by protecting the windows from dirt and grime. Contact us today for more information about our commercial window protection products!

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