Commercial Window Tinting Cost

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Tinting windows is a great way to give any home a great look, and it’s also beneficial for those who want to protect their belongings from the sun or prevent themselves from being seen inside their houses. Commercial window tinting can be used by owners of retail stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, financial institutions, and others who want to protect the items stored within their establishment. This article will discuss the critical aspects of commercial window tinting Dallas and how it can benefit you.

What is the Cost of Commercial Window Tinting?

The cost of commercial window tinting varies based on several factors. One of the main factors that influence the price is the size of your home or property, as big rooms require more film to cover all of the glass. Commercial window tinting costs $1 per square foot for regular-grade films but can range up to $3 or $4 per square foot for high-performance or ceramic films.

Other factors that influence the price are:

  • The film type you choose
  • Whether or not your house has tinted windows already and which exterior design you prefer.

Tinting Materials

The tinting material you choose can also affect the price of tinting windows. The purpose of tinting your window can help you decide the right tint to use. Some tints to consider are discussed below.

Frost Tint

Frost film can be applied to all windows. It protects items inside from fading in the sun. Frost tint also has a very high light transmission rate, meaning that it allows plenty of light in a while, still protecting you from being seen inside your room.

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic film is thicker than other types of window tinting and allows less light to pass through it. It can reduce the amount of heat inside your house because it doesn’t allow UV light. This type of tint is sometimes used for specific windows like windshields or back doors since others might make it difficult to see when driving at night.

Non-Reflective Tint

Non-reflective tints give homes a matte appearance that doesn’t attract attention by reflecting sunlight onto other rooms around you while you’re around. They can also help protect items within your house from fading in direct sunlight and prevent thieves from seeing what’s inside your house.

Security Tint

Security film can be applied to all windows in your office or home and adds an extra layer of protection against break-ins. It is very thick and sturdy, making it difficult to cut through or shatter using a tool like a knife or a baseball bat. This type of tint also helps protect items inside from smashing if your window is hit from the outside.

Privacy Film

Privacy film prevents people from seeing inside your office or other properties even when standing directly beside it. Some privacy tints use special technology that allows you to see out but prevents others from seeing in, while other privacy films are designed to ensure no one can look in at all by blocking UV light as well as visible light.

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